March 2003  Volume 29, Issue 2
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Product Watch
editited by Storm Evans
On the hunt for ways to make your practice hum? Here's the latest legal technology news in the inbox.

Management and Accounting Integration
RealLegal, LLC, which provides litigation and practice management software for legal organizations, recently announced that its RealLegal Practice Manager now integrates with Juris 2.0, the accounting system. Time and expense information is captured into a Practice Manager matter and seamlessly transferred to Juris. The connection also includes transfer of client and matter information between the two systems. RealLegal users have the ability to drill down into Juris details and financial information, including on-screen views of client bills, without leaving RealLegal. The smooth flow of information can result in more time-savings and revenue generation. RealLegal has also announced a new suite of strategic business management tools-Budgeting, Forecasting, Professional Cost Auditing 3.0 and Realtime Reports-for RealLegal Practice Manager.

Notes Organizer to Rein in the Bits and Pieces
TexNotes 3.0 is a text editor, notes organizer and document publisher developed by GemX. A handy, easy-to-use shareware tool , TexNotes uses a notebook structure that allows you to create layers of notebooks with unlimited pages of notes. The program offers a full range of tools that let users create, store, edit, format, publish to standalone eBooks and organize the information that they need to keep track of-whether it's the draft of next month's calendar, notes from a client or pieces of a major project proposal.

New Doc Management Module
Giardina & Associates has added a document management module to its Office Tools 2002 software for legal professionals. The new module provides centralized access to all case/matter information and allows users to track client activities, including related documents and e-mails. It electronically captures, stores and manages business information, eliminating paper and reducing operating costs. Office Tools 2002 is a comprehensive practice management package, with contact management, conflicts checking, scheduling, case/matter management, time and billing and records management.
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Research Cost Recovery Software
Advanced Productivity Software, Inc. recently released LookUp 2002 for research cost tracking and recovery. This latest version includes the WebTrack module, which allows firms to identify Internet sites that should be tracked for usage and client billing purposes. WebTrack provides firms with an efficient way to manage the costs of fee-based Web research, benefiting firms that incur monthly charges based on individual usage. WebTrack works with Microsoft Internet Explorer to provide client/matter validation and centralized logging for any site that the firm wants to track. This information can be easily exported to the firm's accounting system.
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The Hartford Financial Services Group has unveiled an information-packed interactive site to help midsize organizations make educated decisions regarding their coverage and risk management needs. The array of tools includes customized coverage analyzers, guidelines for evaluating insurance proposals and a jargon translator for insurance terms. Law firm insurance buyers can access industry-specific information, including recommended coverages for law firms, as well as related risk management tips and resource links. Get the facts at

Optimized PDF File Quality
Apago, Inc., a developer of work flow efficiency software, and PDF Sages, LLC, experts in PDF document processing, have announced a partnership to jointly develop PDF optimization. The Apago PDFshrink software optimizes PDF file size and quality. By operating on text and other elements as well as images, PDFshrink can reduce most PDF files from 5 to 90 percent of original size, while preserving annotations, form fields, Javascripts and digital signatures. The smaller files can be stored, transmitted and downloaded more quickly, making them more efficient for archiving and distributing.

Litigation Document Indexing & Analysis
Syngence LLC, provider of automated document indexing and analysis services for litigators, has released Version 2.2 of Syndex and its companion search engine, Synthetix. Syndex creates a fully indexed database from print or electronic data using "synthetic intelligence index" technology to "read" every page of every document and extract information, including predetermined keywords. The Synthetix engine augments traditional document retrieval methods, working from a relevant document to quickly locate similar documents. It utilizes a unique "semantic signature" from the page being viewed and searches the entire database for semantically related documents. Synthetix then displays a list of documents with related content and gives the user the option to select which ones to view. A Syndex database can also be used with a variety of programs, including iConect, Concordance and Summation.

3-D Crime Scene Diagramming Software
The CAD Zone, Inc. has introduced Version 6.0 of its Crime Zone automated diagramming software. The Crime Zone 6.0 is specifically designed for creating crime scene investigation diagrams with one-click 3-D. Version 6.0 has a 3-D Viewer that enables its user to re-create a crime scene in minutes, showing scenes from any angle and verifying the accuracy of the scene's details. Everything in the diagram, once created in two-dimensional format, can be automatically converted to 3-D with one keystroke-that includes lines and walls, curves, vehicles, fences, power poles, highway dividers, and all other symbols and line types.
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Wireless Instant Time Entry
Elite Information Group, Inc., developer of practice and financial management systems, has formed a strategic alliance with Rila Solutions, Inc., which will enable Elite to offer Mobile Time Billing (MTB) as part of its suite of products. MTB is a Blackberry application made especially for law firms. It allows users to enter time directly on the Blackberry and have it instantly recorded, in real-time, on the firm's accounting systems. This true wireless application allows everything to be done remotely using Blackberry's triple DES encryption, for transport protocol to a server that sits securely behind the corporate firewall.

Month-End Accounting Simplified
Alumni Computer Group has announced PCLaw Version 6.1, the latest version of its time billing, accounting and calendaring software. Month Ends and Year Ends are now easier to do with Version 6.1's General Ledger Drill Down function, which provides users with instant access to source journals and entry details from any GL report, including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. In addition, with PCLaw 6.1, firms can now quickly schedule an appointment for a group of lawyers and contacts in one easy step. Once a group appointment is entered, all the participating lawyers' calendars are instantly updated, and the lawyers are automatically notified as well.
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