March 2003  Volume 29, Issue 2
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Case Management Software Developers
This chart is base on information proved on the Case Management Web site, hosted by the Legal Technology Institute at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Visit the site at for in-depth CMS product specifications, articles, worksheets (including sample RFPs) and FAQs.
Developer Program Firm Size /
Practice Type
Latest Version /
Recent Developments
Abacus Date SystemsAbacus LawS, M, L
P, C
Version 14(800) 726-3339
ADC Legal SystemsPerfect Practice Case ManagementS, M, L
P, C
Version 4(407) 843-8992
Chesapeake Interlink, Ltd.NeedlesS, M
P, C
Version 3.4(410) 363-1976
Client Profiles, Inc. (LAHC, Inc.)Client ProfilesS, M, L
P, C
Version 6.0 SQL(866) 720-5005
Computer Law Systems, Inc.CLS/Summit: The Total Practice SolutionS, M, L
P, C
In addition to law firm suite, has added CLS/Summit: Legal Department Suite(800) 328-1913
Corporate Legal SolutionsCase & PointS, M
Version 6.2(800) 597-4361
DATA.TXT Corp.Time MattersS, M, L
P, C
Version 4.0; Service Release 3A (SR-3A) updates real-time link for QuickBooks 2003, improves Outlook Sync, E-mail, Linux SQL(800) 328-2898
De Novo SystemsTrial De NovoS
Version 1.99R (Windows); 1.99P (Mac). Updates includes WordPerfect 10 merges, improved XP file path handling.(800) 755-9744
Economic Analysis Group, Ltd.CaseTrackS, M, L
P, C
Version 4.2, E-Billing update(202) 367-2950
EsqWare, Inc.EsqWare Case ManagementS
Professional and Deluxe Versions(800) 568-7996
Gavel & Gown SoftwareAmicus AttorneyS, M, L
P, C
Version 5.1.1 (Organizer, Advanced and Client/Server); Amicus Assembly 1.1(800) 472-2289
Law.comRealLegal Practice ManagerS, M, L
P, C
New Modules: Budgeting; Forecasting; Professional Cost Auditing 3.0 (PCA); and Realtime Reports(888) 584-9988
LawexTrial WorksS, M, L
Version 8.E-Law Integration(800) 377-5844
Legal Edge SoftwareLegal Edge Law Firm SuiteS, M, L
P, C
LE-Mail and Thin Law remote access software(610) 975-5888
Legal Files Software, Inc.Case Management GroupwareS, M, L
P, C
Version 5.0. Web Window feature to integrate with PDA and Internet(800) 500-0537
Perfect LawPerfect LawS, M, L
P, C
Active DataSync: Event Driven Two-Way Synchronization with Exchange 2000.(800) 749-6200
Practice Technology Inc.PrevailS, M
Version 3.92, Version 4.0 demo online(407) 228-4400
ProLaw (Thomson-West)ProLaw; ProLaw ReadyS, M, L
P, C
ProLaw Version 9.2. ProLaw Ready, new product for small firms.(800) 977-6529
Software Technology, Inc.Practice MasterS, M
P, C
Version 10.2 Integration with TABS III.(402) 423-1440
Synaptec Software, Inc.Law BaseS, M, L
P, C
LawBase 10.5(800) 569-3377

Legend: Firm Size / Practice Type
S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large
P = Private, C = Corporate