January/February 2003  Volume 29, Issue 1
January/February 2003
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On the Road:Helpful Choices You Can Make Today
by Steven Keeva

Find a colleague with whom you can discuss ways to renew your love of practicing law. And don't be deterred by the idea that "It just isn't done." The fellowship will be incredibly rewarding.

Choose to be conscious, aware, present. That way, you open up the opportunities before you and realize the various junctures at which you can choose to be caring, compassionate and even loving.

Make a list of three things that you feel helpless to change. Then figure out how to change them.

If you're a young associate, you actually have more room to move in your firm than you might think. Strive to make choices that are personally enriching and mitigate against the stifling qualities of law firm life.

Choose to understand and work through your own tendencies to become aggressive or angry. Understanding yourself at this level helps free you from reflexive negativity.

Show that you care about your colleagues as people. They will notice your interest and, eventually, will start talking to you about themselves.

Cultivate friendships with people who appear willing to talk about how they really feel about the law and the way it's practiced.

Take time at least once a day to think about the things for which you feel grateful.