January/February 2003  Volume 29, Issue 1
January/February 2003
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edited by Storm Evans
On the hunt for ways to make your practice hum? Here's the latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.

Cole Valley Software has introduced ContactEase 9.10, a new version of its flagship product. It makes it possible for firms to use existing software to access information on client relationships and automate their marketing activities. The new release features a customized Microsoft Outlook form that allows users to access the complete firmwide database from within Outlook. The form performs duplicate checking and brings ContactEase's categories and client/matter information directly into Outlook. The system also allows users to access firmwide data from within GroupWise. Another powerful new feature is a utility that allows users to instantly send a personalized e-mail to a list of contacts directly from ContactEase with one button click. Links can even be set up to allow e-mail respondees to go directly to the firm's Web page for data updates or event sign-ups.
CONTACT: www.colevalley.com.

The LexisNexis California Feature Package with Automated California Judicial Council Forms is a complete practice management product designed to help California trial lawyers better organize client and case information, legal research, documents, communications and appointments, using the LexisNexis edition of Time Matters. The package combines the award-winning practice management system with the breadth of the LexisNexis legal research system, more than 500 judicial council forms and HotDocs document assembly automation, all in one application.
CONTACT: (877) 810-5324; www.lexis.com.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. has a new line of digital networked office systems designed for small office customers or workgroups. The ImageRUNNER 1310, 1330 and 1370F offer digital laser copying and printing at speeds of up to 13 pages-per-minute for letter-size paper, with available automatic document feeding, faxing and optional network connectivity in a package designed to fit on a desktop. The 1310 is the base model, delivering copying and printing and a 600-sheet total paper supply. The 1330 model adds a 30-sheet automatic document feeder. And the 1370 adds Super G3 fax capabilities.
CONTACT: www.imageRUNNER.com.

The Sigaba Gateway ensures the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of e-mail sent over the Internet or wireless LANs. The software resides between the organization's e-mail server and the firewall. It encrypts outbound messages and decrypts inbound messages based on organization-defined policies, using a key server to retrieve a unique key to accomplish the encryption process. It works with any authentication method, using the new SAML standard.
CONTACT: (800) 475-8226; www.sigaba.com.

PatentCafe.com provides the largest single database collection of global patent data. It is loaded with nearly 40 million patents from more than 70 countries, ranging as far back as the early 1800s. PatentCafe.com, Inc.-which provides an extensive collection of Web-based legal software solutions, IP- related news, information, products and services-is a network of information, e-commerce, global patent data and enterprise software properties.

Solution 6 Group has delivered three new applications for its Web-based business automation tool, CiO OPEN for the Net. The newest applications, built on the Microsoft.NET framework, are CiO Conflicts, CiO Expenses and CiO File Opening. The new applications join the three initial modules-CiO Time, CiO Billing and CiO Inquiries-to form an assembly of Web-based, scalable, thin-client applications that allow users to work in conjunction with the CMS OPEN desktop system. An enhanced release of CiO Inquiries also was delivered with the new modules. As a result of these CIO analytical tools, the front office can create its work flow and gain immediate access to billing information or key performance data, via the firm's intranet or Web portal. The CiO modules, which support synchronous and asynchronous execution, provide both visual components and business logic components.
CONTACT: www.cmsopen.com.

Software Technology, Inc. (STI) has released a full multimedia tutorial for the TABS III time billing system. The TABS III Tutorial is ideal for introducing unfamiliar features and training new personnel. Video clips for more than 80 topics are included with six-plus hours of learning material. The video clips can be accessed via TABS III's Help menu and from the STI CD-ROM browser. This comprehensive multimedia tutorial is provided with full-user systems. The TABS III tutorial is designed to match different learning styles, so that you can study in private with full sound or during your daily commute with text only. You can also install the tutorial on your notebook computer and turn to it in your spare time.
CONTACT: www.stilegal.com.

Primera Technology, Inc. recently announced the upgrade to 48x CD-R recording speeds on the Composer line of CD/DVD duplicators. The Composer, ComposerPlus, ComposerPro and ComposerMAX Optical Disc Duplicators now include Lucky Goldstar's 48x CD-R drives. They complete a full burn/print cycle in less than three minutes per full 650MB disc. The cycle speed increases when less data is stored on the CD-R. Composer is ideal for businesses of all types that need an efficient, reliable method of duplicating and printing discs.
CONTACT: (800) 797-2772; www.primeratechnology.com.

LawClip, developed by The Lawtek Group, captures, organizes and stores paragraphs and clauses for later use to build customized legal documents. LawClip uses the Windows clipboard to copy "Harvest" specific paragraphs or complete documents, creating a separate file of each clipping copied. LawClip organizes the clippings into folders. Within a specific folder, you can sort the collected clippings into any order, clean and strip unwanted characters from the clippings, and then paste the single clip or merge together selected clippings into a new or existing document. During the paste process, the clips will automatically format to the document into which you are pasting.
CONTACT: www.lawclip.com.

Coredge Software, Inc. has released Version 2.0 of Logik-My Edition, its powerful knowledge preview tool. There are several new features, including rich document profiling and categorization that make it easier to find, relate and assess information. Integration with the Microsoft Office suite, as well as enhanced integration with Outlook 2000, Lotus Notes and Internet Explorer, has been added. This multiple point-of-entry approach enables users to work uninterrupted within these applications, while enjoying the benefits of Logik. Logik is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to quickly access and evaluate electronic information like word documents, e-mail and Web content. Logik sifts through collections of documents and dynamically generates a preview in the form of summaries and theme trees. It also identifies thematic relationships between different documents and lists the top 100 predominant themes contained within an entire collection of documents, providing an instant snapshot of the content.
CONTACT: www.coredge.com.

Storm M. Evans ( lpm-newproducts@abanet.org) is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers ( www.abanet.org/lpm/catalog).