May/June 2002

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On the hunt for ways to make your practice hum? Here’s the latest legal technology news in the inbox.

Electronic Discovery Service Provider

Fios provides electronic discovery services to litigation teams nationwide. Fios helps litigators identify and find data in its original electronic format, complete with embedded metadata. Reviewing the metadata in a file can conclusively resolve conflicting testimony concerning such issues as when a file was created and by whom. In the world of mergers and acquisitions, Fios offers services and technologies that help expedite the due diligence review process by quickly identifying and presenting relevant information. In addition to gathering information on financials, business plans, organization charts and market projections, it reviews digital data and provides information on potential liability risks. Fios also provides background on inadequate

protection of intellectual property and other factors that might affect the value of the transaction.

Contact: (877) 700-3467;


L.A.W.S./Pro, from DeskTop Business Solutions, is a fully integrated Web-based program that provides lawyers with anytime, anywhere access to the basic applications needed to run their law firms. L.A.W.S./Pro consists of calendaring, case management, time and billing, back-office accounting, secure e-mail, legal research and document storage. It’s designed on the principle of single-entry data input, eliminating the need to enter the same information multiple times. Go to

E-Access to Court Dockets

If you access court docket information via Westlaw, you now can take advantage of new content, speed and features through WestDockets. This new Westlaw service provides direct access to electronic court docket materials from courts throughout the United States. WestDockets is a powerful resource for discovering the litigation history of legal opponents or prospective clients. It is also a tool to enhance case management, allowing users to view case status as well as fees and payment records. The new docket service is a complement to ProLaw practice management software.

CONTACT : (800) 762-5272;

PIM Synchronization

CompuLaw LLC, publisher of court rules databases for use with calendar/docket and case management systems, has released a major upgrade to its personal information manager synchronization program. CompuLaw Vision Docket’s upgraded PIM Synchronization Program (PSP) allows users to synchronize to their Outlook or GroupWise calendars directly from their desktop, like they synchronize their handheld computers with Outlook or GroupWise. The new PSP has increased reliability because it "pulls" rather than "pushes" the dates from Outlook and GroupWise and syncs them with the PIM. Users control their own synchronization process, and information received is filtered and formatted according to personal preferences.

CONTACT: (800) 444-0020;

Patent Research SOFTWARE

PatentHunter is a new software program designed to help patent lawyers, businesses and inventors download and manage U.S. patents more quickly and affordably. The program provides a patent management system to allow for easy access to downloaded patents, while another aspect allows the downloading of published U.S. patent applications. PatentHunter provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that is intuitive for most users.

CONTACT: (888) 382-7690;

Business Recovery Solution

amerivault corp, provider of online backup and recovery services, has unveiled restartIT suite, a recovery solution for small and midsize companies. This package includes data recovery, replacement servers, bandwidth and technical support to ensure the client gets back in business quickly following a disaster or sustained outage. restartIT comes in two offerings: Engage and Go, whereby amerivault’s tech staff will deliver the recovered server to the customer’s own recovery site; and Engage and Access, which includes remote access for the client’s employees to replacement servers at the amerivault data center.

Contact: (800) 774-0235;

Link Between Case Data and Images

DecisionQuest’s CaseSoft Division now offers a free program that links CaseMap and Summation LG. The CaseMap-Summation Linker connects information in CaseMap 3.5 to text and images stored in Summation LG1.1A. As you work in CaseMap, one click will launch Summation and display the linked text or image. In addition to the new links, CaseMap already links to these other litigation support tools: Concordance, LiveNote, e-transcript binder, TrialDirector, Sanction, Doculex, IPRO and Opticon. And the TimeMap chronology-mapping program imports key document data from Summation or Concordance to create TimeMap Visuals. It can also export and import data from CaseMap.

Contact: (904) 273-5000;

Practice Management Server Option

The latest versions of Software Technology’s TABS III time-billing system and Case Master practice management system are available in a client/server edition. Version 10.5 of TABS III and Case Master work seamlessly when both are on either the client/server edition or the standard edition. Software Technology has also released STI Server, which is required by the client/server versions of TABS III and Case Master. STI Server is licensed from Faircom and will be distributed and supported by Software Technology. STI Server is ODBC compliant and is, therefore, SQL-compatible.

Contact: (800) 487-7111;

Maximum-security Shredder

Security Engineered Machinery’s Model 266 is a maximum security, high-volume shredder. The oversized feed opening accepts up to 16 sheets of paper, which the cross-cutting shredder head reduces to particles no larger than 1/50 by 9/32 inch (substantially smaller than current DOD regulations). The unit starts shredding automatically as paper is fed and stops automatically when the shredding cycle is complete. Bag full and door open indicators alert users to problems and prevent operation until corrective action is taken. Also standard on the Model 266 is an LK1 automatic oiler that keeps the cutting head lubricated for optimum performance, even during continuous operation.

CONTACT: (508) 366-1488;

Portable Network-Attached Storage

Quantum Corporation, provider of data protection and network storage systems, has introduced the Snap Server 1100, a network-attached storage appliance that provides up to 80GB of reliable storage in a portable, desktop configuration. The Snap Server 1100 is optimized for fast file-serving performance, quick throughput, and increased functionality and manageability through Java technology. Like all Snap Server products, the Snap Server 1100 delivers full multiplatform file sharing in mixed Windows, NetWare, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh environments.

Contact: (408) 944-4000;

Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers (