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Protection Against Unwanted Metadata

SoftWise Consulting Services, LLC, a developer of document production software, has released its Out-of-Sight metadata management utility. Out-of-Sight allows law firms to reduce risks and avoid potential embarrassments by managing the metadata in electronically distributed documents, so private information is not unintentionally disclosed. Metadata is the collective term for embedded information, including document properties, variables and data, contained in all Word documents. Although usually hidden on screen, metadata components such as authors, tracked changes and comments are constantly accumulating and can be easily discovered in any electronic document. Out-of-Sight enables firms to identify metadata components within their documents, generate detailed reports of that metadata and then "clean" documents before sending them, by eliminating the unwanted metadata components.

CONTACT: (718) 876-9776;

Medical Records Retrieval

Lawex Corporation now provides law firms with online medical records through Users of TrialWorks can request and retrieve medical and billing records from through a direct connection in TrialWorks. Using

reduces turnaround time for record requests to as little as 10 business days. Lawyers receive real-time order tracking through a single button, and their medical record retrieval is in electronic format.

CONTACT: (800) 377-5844;

Employment Law Training

VisionPoint Learning Resources’ new six-part video series, Legal Briefs Employment Law Series, provides managers with practical solutions to employment law challenges in straightforward language. Each program in this series touches the key issues that c

ould present legal liabilities to employers in a specific field, including: discipline and termination, harassment and discrimination, recruiting and hiring, workplace violence, the ADA and the Family and Medical Leave Act.


Management Software Resource for Midsize Firms

ASALegal Systems, Inc., a full-service provider of financial management and practice management software for midsize law firms, has merged with CompuTrac, Inc., a longstanding leader in the legal financial management software market. The new company re

sulting from the merger is RainMaker Software, Inc. The resources of the merged companies will provide medium to large-size law firms with a wide range of financial and practice management software options and unique toolsets to meet their firms’ specific needs.

CONTACT: (800) 341-4012;


LextraNet 4.0 is a Web-hosted litigation support application that is fully scalable for any size law firm or matter. From Legal Computer Solutions, Inc., the services enable law firms and legal departments to capture, code, store, search and distribute case documents. The services can also fulfill the integrated needs of calendaring, task lists, messaging, dockets, chronologies, draft version control, team and private folders, and self-administered document management as LextraNet Workspace. Go to

International Process Serving has acquired The Legal Translation Group, a division of the Foreign Language Institute, specializing in translation of English legal documents into foreign languages. can now offer translation services to go along with its e-enabled process serving, for both local and interjurisdictional service. Process service to foreign countries involves conformance with international treaties and, in many cases, the translation of documents. In the past, international lawsuits could run into long delays as lawyers waited for confirmation that documents had been servedÑonly to discover that the service had gone awry. Electronic-enablement by can reduce the time and eliminate many hassles of international process serving.


Business Services on Store Shelves

Gateway, Inc. has introduced a variety of online training, tech support, Web site and e-commerce plans that can be bought as retail packages at Gateway stores. Packages may include a detailed manual, simple step-by-step instructions on getting started and, if applic

able, a prepaid calling card or an enrollment key that activates the order. In addition,

Gateway’s Office Productivity and Educator Productivity Web-based learning libraries teach a variety of software applications for $99 each. The packages include one-year unlimited access to the online courses, some of which include: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access and Outlook; WordPerfect; and QuickBooks 2000.


New E-Filing Options

LexisNexis CourtLink, Inc., is a new entity launched by the LexisNexis acquisition of CourtLink Corporation. It provides Web-based services for electronically filing legal documents and accessing and monitoring court records. LexisNexis CourtLink has be gun the process of integrating the CourtLink eAccess and CourtLink eFile services with the LexisNexis suite of research, information and integrated practice management and portal technology services.


E-Mail for Handhelds

Copytalk lets subscribers send text e-mail and create entries on a Palm powered handheld with a simple phone call. Mobile professionals convey their information with simple, unstructured and untrained dictation over the telephone. Copytalk then sends the e-mail as though it came from the user’s desktop, and it adds information to the handheld computer’s applications as though it had been entered by hand.


Enhanced Document Collaboration

Workshare Technology has announced Workshare Synergy 2.2, the new version of its document change management application. A major enhancement to Synergy 2.2 is the ability to allow multiple parties to work together more efficiently on a document. People within an organization can use Synergy in the role of managing author or internal contributing author, with full access to the work-in-progress. Although both parties can view changes made directly to the evolving document as the changes are being proposed, only the managing author can apply the suggested changes to the master document.

CONTACT: (415) 901-9023;

Litigation Document Review

Quorum has announced a new version of RedDoc II that allows the user to store, search and review electronically produced discovery documents in their native formats. RedDoc II is an Internet-based litigation document management system. In addition to storing documents in standard image file format s such as TIFF, PDF or full-text, the litigation team can retrieve electronic documents in their original electronic form and then operate the tools of the native application—such as Word or PowerPoint—to analyze the document. To retain original document integrity, however, the user cannot change or delete the document stored in the RedDoc II repository.

CONTACT: (651) 234-5310;

Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters¨ in One Hour for Lawyers (