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PC User Authentication

Griffin Technologies, LLC, provider of information security solutions, is now shipping SecuriKey. SecuriKey is an easy-to-deploy USB-based user authentication solution for personal computers. It combines a small, key-like USB device with password protection. The system provides an effective, low-cost alternative to PKI (public key infrastructure) technology, protecting organizations against unauthorized computer use. SecuriKey’s USB token attaches to any key ring and easily plugs into a computers USB port or USB hub. By combining physical (USB key) and informational (password) requirements, SecuriKey offers two-factor security protection, without the expense and time-intensive rollout required with PKI systems.

Contact: (800) 986-6578;


TEAC is now shipping its new 24x10x40 CD-RW Drive, which offers boosted writing and rewriting speed to both CD-R and CD-RW media. This internal peripheral drive writes data at 24X on CD-R media, rewrites at 10X on CD-RW media and can play back at 40X (CD-ROM) speeds. The drive is part of a complete kit that includes software for creating data and audio CDs, enhancing digital photos, and recording and organizing MP3 files.


Powerpoint slide manager

As part of its Presentation Librarian family of tools, Accent Graphics has released a PowerPoint plug-in to help users quickly find and retrieve PowerPoint slides. PowerSearch Plug-In helps users search existing presentation material using a variety of criteria, including slide title, slide text, speaker notes and the date the slide was last modified. PowerSearch lets the user control what part of the slide to search and where to look. The slides found and retrieved appear as thumbnails in a new PowerPoint window, ready for drag-and-drop use. The plug-in is compatible with PowerPoint 97 and 2000 but is optimized for PowerPoint XP.


Document Collaboration

Matrix Logic Corporation and eRoom Technology, Inc. have released eRoom Service. Matrix Logic is a developer of document management utilities, and eRoom Technology is a provider of digital workplaces for extended enterprise collaboration. The new product allows users to copy, reference and retain version control of documents between Hummingbird document management system products (DOCS Open and PowerDOCS) and eRoom’s Web-based collaboration platform. Organizations can use eRoom Service to safely make documents available to external users, while maintaining document integrity and confidentiality.



Whitehill Technologies turns legacy data into XML and turns XML into dynamic content for delivery across a number of formats and platforms. With Whitehill products—including Whitehill Enterprise, Whitehill Transport and Whitehill Composer—a firm can, for instance, post month

ly client and law firm reports online for access by any member of the firm, at any time. Learn more at

Targeted Legal News Is Practice Specific

LexisNexis is adding five practice-area specific sections to lexisONE, its Web-based resource for solos and small firms. lexisOne offers legal professionals research, lifestyle and practice-management information. The new practice area sections are Business Litigation & Bankruptcy; Criminal Law; Estates, Trust and Tax Law; Family Law; and Intellectual Property Law. These sections will help lawyers specializing in those areas stay current on new developments and the results of specific cases. Content for the sections will be derived from more than 2,500 LexisNexis domestic and international news sources. The content will be updated regularly, and the new areas will be easily accessible from drop-down menus within the Web site’s Breaking Legal News section.


Case Management and CRM

Legal Files Software has entered into a partnership with Interface Software, maker of the InterAction client relationship management system. Legal Files develops and markets case and office management software for practice management, litigation support, document assembly and integrated groupware. Legal Files users can export data from InterAction into Legal Files to create name cards, addresses, telephone numbers, Internet addresses and categories. Data in Legal Files will synchronize with InterAction via an XML transport. Legal Files also links with Juris, Outlook, Peach-tree, QuickBooks, Summation, Tabs III, Timeslips, MS Word, WordPerfect and Worldox.


Heavy-Duty Shredder for Execs

The Model 5140P Shredder from EBA North America offers high-capacity document destruction in a quiet, compact machine designed for an executive environment. It is easy to operate and capable of shredding 35 sheets at a time. The 5140P is a cross-cut shredder, cutting in two directions to reduce paper to particles of 5/16 by 1 7/8 inches. Photoelectric controls allow hands-free starts and stops; cutters are activated by the introduction of documents and are automatically shut off in seconds when the material is shredded.

Contact: (888) 211-3130;

Timekeeping and Accounting Data Link

Best U.S. Holdings, Inc. has launched TAL Pro, a data link that permits information exchange between Timeslips and QuickBooks 2002 products. TAL Pro consolidates multistep procedures into a single action, thus minimizing redundant processes and data errors. The TAL Pro products for QuickBooks 2002 will help combine critical back-office functions such as Accounts Payable and General Ledger with the core functionality of Timeslips to offer a time, expense, billing and accounting solution for law firms.

Contact: (800) 285-0999;


Canon’s new multimedia projector, the LV-7545, can go from 3,200 ANSI lumens of brightness to 3,700 ANSI lumens with the flip of a switch. The projector, designed primarily for presentations, uses Canon’s Turbo Bright feature, meant to be used where lighting is uneven or when room lights must be left on for people to talk or take notes. The XGA-resolution (1,024 x 768) projector also has two display modes: High Contrast, for use in brightly lit rooms, and Cinema, which optimizes the image for video. The Canon LV-7545 weighs 18.6 pounds and comes in four different lens configurations.


Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters’ in One Hour for Lawyers (