Jan/Feb 2002

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Capture Time and Knowledge

PensEra Knowledge Technologies, Inc. has released TimeKM, a time tracking and knowledge management system designed specifically for legal professionals. The browser-based system allows a lawyer to quickly log time charges while working, to improve accuracy and recover more billable hours. At the same time and from the same screen, a lawyer can jot down case notes, practice tips, client development opportunities and other "knowledge notes" while the thoughts are still fresh in the lawyer’s mind. As these notes accumulate, they become an organized database of valuable knowledge assets for reference, reuse and leverage by the contributor and other members of the firm. TimeKM’s "jot-it-down" time tracking and knowledge note feature is designed to match the way lawyers think and work.

Contact: (800) 620-8881;

SITE SPOTLIGHT provides "best-of-the-Web" courses on leading software applications for the legal profession. Through its Internet site or through links from a firm’s intranet, offers training programs for standard desktop applications, accounting and back-office management systems, as well as special-interest legal education topics. It also builds custom training modules. Take a bite at

Site for In-House Counsel

Martindale-Hubbell’s new site, at, places a wide range of helpful resources at in-house counsel’s fingertips. This online information resource is a comprehensive Internet destination for members of corporate law departments worldwide. Users will discover an enhanced personal version of the widely used Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator that allows them to make private annotations to individual lawyer listings. Personal notes added to lawyer listings can then be saved and later retrieved by searching the text of those notes, or by using certain keywords.

CONTACT: (800) 526-4902;


Corel Corporation and LexisNexis have announced the availability of the HotDocs 5.3 update, offering compatibility with WordPerfect Office 2002. Together, HotDocs and WordPerfect help users create interactive templates from word processing documents. HotDocs templates can be used repeatedly to assemble customized documents in minutes. Available as either a Web-based or desktop application, HotDocs maximizes the value of a customer’s information technology infrastructure by integrating with existing systems such as databases and document managers.


Reduced Network Traffic

Software Technology, Inc. recently released STIServer along with Client Server Versions (CSV) of its billing system, TABSIII, and its case management system, Case Master. TABSIII-CSV and Case Master-CSV provide greater network ability by reducing network traffic and also decreasing the time it takes to process statements and reports. The new STIServer and CSV software are designed to benefit midsize firms with up to 100-plus workstations as well as small firms with 5 to 10 workstations.

CONTACT: (402) 423-1440;

Forms Conversion and Management

ScanSoft, Inc., a leader in paper-to-digital solutions, recently announced OmniForm Premium 5.0, the latest version of its forms conversion and data management software. This paper-forms conversion, designer and digital deployment solution significantly reduces the time spent re-creating paper-based forms, and distributing, collecting and analyzing forms data. OmniForm Premium 5.0 allows users to save and distribute their forms in PDF, HTML, DHTML, RTF and OmniForm’s own intelligent OFM formats. The new version includes industry-standard digital signature technology to ensure authenticity, as well as high-level SSL-based security to keep form information secure and private. New data collection features have been integrated to reduce errors and speed the input cycle. Version 5.0 also includes an integrated online forms hosting service, eOmniFormä, for smaller businesses in need of Web-based forms management with no HTML programming.



Vox Proxy’s Talking Animated Characters for PowerPoint helps users put a fresh spin on their presentations. Vox Proxy is a script-writing program that interfaces to Microsoft PowerPoint through an add-in, so it runs directly from PowerPoint’s menu. It allows the user to use Microsoft Agent Technology’s 3-D talking animated characters in PowerPoint slide shows, controlling agent characters and other features on each slide. In addition to a convenient environment for creating and editing slide shows, Vox Proxy features a powerful wizard that allows users to develop entire scripts from drop-down lists and click-simple selections.


Managing Documents on the Web

NetDocuments Enterprise offers advanced document management in the form of document profiling, digital signing, echoed storage, inbound and outbound security, and one-click document upload and download. NetDocuments Enterprise includes a 5GB Cabinet for any number of folders, subfolders and files. You can import, scan, fax or e-mail documents directly into a Cabinet folder. It supports Web folders, so you can access NetDocuments in Windows Explorer. Administrators can set access rights based on users or groups. A special shared-folder option lets you share files with users outside your immediate workgroup. These ÒinvitedÓ users have access to the designated shared folder and their own free 3MB personal Cabinet. With one click, you can check out a file, download it to your local hard drive and bring it up in its native application. If you don’t have the application, the file is viewed using HTML. When you save changes, the file is transferred back to the Cabinet folder and checked back in with the updated information. With WebGroups, users upload modified files from their local hard drives.

Contact: (888) 297-2736;

New Compact Disc Platform

Legal researchers using the new LexisNexis CD-ROM platform will find the research process easier and more integrated with LexisNexisWeb-based information products. The new platform is for use with Authority titles from Matthew Bender and Law on Disc titles from MICHIE. LexisNexis created a common architecture for the CD titles to offer customers improved CD-based research. The LexisNexis CDemploys a user interface that is similar in appearance and function to the Web-based research system. The commonality provides continuity for customers who also use LexisNexis online legal research.


Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers (