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Web Trends To Watch



Unfortunately, many law firm sites are getting more than a bit long in the tooth. If yours falls into that category, it’s time to revamp. Here are a few trends worth noting.

More and more electronic newsletters. This proven technique keeps you in regular contact with clients and drives traffic to your site. Get yours started before people are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available e-mail newsletters.

An increased emphasis on the "numbers." What kind of traffic is your site drawing? Can you measure whether the site is working? You had better learn how.

Usability and findability. Visitors to law firm Web sites want to find practical answers for their specific problems. Also, sites designed and organized for an internal audience (focused on departments and the like) don’t work well. Consider your target audience.

Purposeful graphic design. You want people to focus on your story, not how you tell it. Too many recent redesigns have focused on style rather than substance.

Client-focused initiatives. Lawyers and firms that move aggressively in trying Web initiatives, especially initiatives their clients are interested in (hint: check what your clients are doing on their sites), will position themselves for the future.

Competition-driven initiatives. Keep an eye on what your competition is doing. Some firms are doing some cool things that will impress and attract your clients.

Dennis M. Kennedy ( writes and speaks frequently on law firm Web sites and Internet marketing. His articles and resources on these topics are collected at