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KM Components Update

PensEra Knowledge Technologies, Inc. has announced three new components for the TimeKM time and knowledge management system, making it easier to quickly capture and use valuable information anytime and anywhere. TimeKM Traveler provides on-the-go access to TimeKM features from a laptop, notebook or remote computer. And once the remote computer reconnects with the office, TimeKM seamlessly updates the enterprise database and synchronizes with Traveler information for accurate mobile use. With the TimeKM Mailer component, lawyers can now send or forward important information from e-mail to the TimeKM repository without leaving their e-mail screens. Remote users can also e-mail time entries directly to TimeKM for quick, accurate billing. In addition, the new TimeKM Animator taps the power of Microsoft Speech Technologies to offer hands-free, simple-speech dictation of time entries or knowledge notes. It also provides talk-and-response features for verification without reference to the screen.

Contact: (800) 620-8881;

Content Security for Document management and Digital Workspaces

Authentica, Inc. has announced a technology integration alliance with Matrix Logic Corporation. The companies will integrate Authentica’s content security software into Hummingbird document management systems and eRoom digital collaboration environments, adding new levels of access control, encryption and auditing controls for content and information assets shared outside corporate boundaries. The integration of Authentica’s software with Hummingbird DOCS Open, PowerDOCS and DM 5 will enable users to securely share documents with business associates and clients outside of the DOCS environment and across the Internet. Plus, eRoom users will be able to continuously protect the business information exchanged within the meeting room. Authentica’s software will also enable both DOCS and eRoom users to easily control what recipients can do with shared content, including whether documents may be viewed, printed, copied or forwarded.

CONTACT: (781) 487-2600;

Legal Style Manual

West, a Thomson business, has released The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style by Bryan Garner, preeminent legal lexicographer and editor-in-chief of Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th edition. The Redbook is a comprehensive guide to the essential rules of legal writing. In addition to answering a wide spectrum of questions about grammar and style rules, as well as exceptions, it gives detailed advice on punctuation, capitalization, spelling, footnotes and citations, and number and symbol use. The publication also contains formatting and document design guidelines and provides information regarding critical nuances in meaning between words that legal writers sometimes stumble over, at the cost of diminished credibility. In addition, The Redbook includes sections on preparing legal documents and offers models and practical advice on writing research memos, briefs, demand letters, opinion letters, pleadings, motions and contracts.

CONTACT: (800) 328-9352;

SITE SPOTLIGHT now creates Web sites for lawyers, including free hosting, free e-mail addresses and free sponsor listings on its home site. is an online directory for consumers who want to consult with a lawyer in their local area. Listings are limited to four firms per area of practice per county. purchases keywords and phrases enabling its site to appear in the top three results on major search engines.

New Standards for Document Automation

LexisNexis has introduced HotDocs 6.0, a software suite that combines the best automation for PDF graphical forms with text document automation. HotDocs 6.0 also has more template authoring tools, a more intuitive user interface and an open COM application program interface for improved integration with other office systems. The new version is available in Standard or Professional editions. HotDocs 6.0 transforms text and PDF graphical form documents into interactive templates that are then used to create customized documents such as contracts, court forms, loan applications and other legal and business documents.

CONTACT: (800) 500-3627;

Enhanced Litigation Tools

Version 2 of Summation’s Blaze LG products are now shipping. Enhancements to the eMail and eDocs features in LG Gold and iBlaze enable users to load e-mails, attachments and electronic documents (such as MS Word, WordPerfect, Excel and PDF files) and search them in tandem with other evidence. Pleadings and other electronic documents can now be searched with other case data, displaying results in Summation’s integrated search results screen. Users can zoom into the actual document from the search results by using the registered application or generic file-viewing software. In addition, new production tools in LG, LG Gold and iBlaze create automated, sequentially numbered production sets of documents, which can be batch printed with stamps and redactions.

CONTACT: (800) 735-7866;

Estate Planning and Trust Systems

Cowles Legal Systems, Inc. has released Version 12 of its Trust Plus estate planning system and its TrusTerminator postmortem system. They include more tools for customizing documents, as well as additional state-specific supporting documents and IRS forms. Trust Plus creates wills, irrevocable trusts and revocable trusts, including funding documents, state-specific supporting documents such as powers of attorney, and deeds, invoices, correspondence and custom covers. The Cowles checklist-based system allows users to make all substantive drafting decisions during the client appointment, yet delegate data entry for document preparation. TrusTerminator follows a chronological sequence to create documents and correspondence required to terminate a revocable trust upon the grantor’s death. Practice development, practice management and substantive legal resources are also included with Cowles’ systems. The Version 12 software gives users the ability to insert customized language or add additional documents to streamline their practices, all with one-time data entry.

CONTACT: (800) 366-1730;

Metadata Risk Manager

SoftWise Consulting Services, Inc. has released Out-of-Sight 2.0, a metadata management utility, allowing law firms to reduce risks and avoid potential embarrassments by managing the metadata in electronically distributed documents. New features include Excel capabilities that let users remove unwanted metadata from Excel 97, 2000 and XP documents. The new Administrative module enables administrators to manage the product and establish firm standards pertaining to metadata using a simple GUI interface. In addition, Out-of-Sight 2.0 integrates with Outlook 2000 and XP, so users are prompted to remove metadata from documents attached to e-mails before sending them.

CONTACT: (718) 876-9776;

Internet Law Resources

International Business Law Services, source of information and counsel for legal issues relating to the Internet, has added three new publishing and business partners: MIT Press, Solution Synergy and OnlineSecurity. IBLS publishing and business partners offer exclusive discounts on products and services to IBLS legal database subscribers. In addition, selected chapter summaries of the latest MIT Press books on technology and Internet law will be featured in IBLS’s legal database, which contains easy-to-understand summaries of constantly changing Internet regulations and laws.

Contact: (949) 727-0171;

Preprinted Sticky Notes for Law Offices

Post-it Brand from 3M branches out to the legal market with its new line of Post-it Legal Flags, designed to help legal professionals communicate and organize information quickly and accurately. Post-it Legal Flags are available in a variety of colors, each with specific preprinted messages, including "Privileged," "Produce," "Key Document," "Exhibit," "Redact" and "Confidential." This new product line will allow legal professionals to quickly mark and code documents to help ensure that tasks are completed—but without causing damage to the actual documents. Post-it Legal Flags can be used for a variety of tasks, such as classifying litigation materials, communicating document status and indicating if action is needed.


Major Upgrade for Litigation Tool

CaseSoft, a division of DecisionQuest, is now shipping CaseMap 4, a major new version of its award-winning litigation software. Among the many enhancements in this version are case law integration, enhanced case exploration tools and dozens of new ease-of-use features, such as live spell checking. CaseMap makes it easy to create custom fact chronologies, witness lists, document indexes, issue analyses and many other types of reports about case knowledge. Multiple trial team members also can simultaneously view and edit a case file stored on a firm’s network. Among the new features in Version 4, a Case Research spreadsheet makes it easy to organize and explore information about the precedents, statutes and other case law relevant to the issues in any matter. You can instantly filter down your research spreadsheet on any basis. CaseMap 4 also features a new interface and ease-of-use features that provide the power of a database with the simplicity of a word processing program or Internet browser. CaseMap 4 links with TimeMap and also integrates with many other litigation support applications, including Adobe Acrobat, Binder, Doculex, Concordance, iCONECT, IPRO, LiveNote, Opticon, Ringtail, Sanction, Summation and TrialDirector.

CONTACT: (904) 273-5000;


Lawson Software, provider of business process software solutions, has announced a new version of its Services Automation solution, with enhancements to provide stronger service process optimization for professional services organizations and internal service departments such as IT. Services Automation 5.1 adds three new applications that strengthen the ability to improve work efficiency, from initiation through execution and measurement. Lawson Portfolio Management 5.1 is designed to help internal IT organizations align and balance their investments with business objectives. Lawson Time and Expense 5.1 is a Web application with support for corporate credit card integration, multi-currency and a customer-defined approval process. And Lawson Work Request 5.1 makes it faster and easier to enter service and project-related requests.

CONTACT: (651) 767-4766;

Drive-Spanning Backup Software

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. is releasing NTI Backup NOW! 3.0 Deluxe, the newest version of its backup and disaster recovery software. NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe offers complete backup flexibility and provides full-image and file-level backups using CD-R/RW discs. Version 3.0 extends the range of backup devices to include DVD, hard drives, JAZ, ZIP, MO, USB Pen drives and more. Users can create a full file backup and then, in future sessions, back up only new or changed files. Plus, in case the PC is damaged or the notebook computer stolen, the bootable disaster recovery discs can easily re-create the entire system on a new computer. The new version also offers an improved graphical user interface and advanced file filtering for improved control of backup jobs.

CONTACT: (949) 421-0720;

Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers (