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November/December 2002
 What The Web Can Do For You
  • Your Site as the Ultimate Marketing Tool
  • Bold Move or Desparate Measure
  • What Clients Look For
  • Trends to Watch
  • Usability Search Engine Basics
  • Fresh Content
  • 10 Deadly Mistakes
  • Beyond Brochureware: Extranets, Webinars& More
  • DIY Site Building

What the Web Can Do for You
by Larry Bodine
A good Web site is the best marketing investment a law firm can make.
  • What’s Next for Law Firms on the Web? Speak Out.
  • 10 Deadly Web Site Mistakes by Larry Bodine.
  • Web Trends to Watch by Dennis M. Kennedy.
  • Fresh Content and Where to Buy It by Larry Bodine.
  • Top 10 Tips for Home Page Usability by Jakob Nielsen.
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Cheaper by Design: DIY Web Sites
by Michael Tamburo
If you want to get a new Web presence off the ground without spending thou-sands on a professional site developer, try the DIY approach.
  • Web Ethics: What Have We Learned? by Will Hornsby.
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Web Site Strategies: Extranets & Beyond
by Gregory H. Siskind, Deborah McMurray and Richard P. Klau
Using extranets and their outgrowths—such as digital workplaces and deal rooms—law firms can develop client relationships that are ahead of the curve.
  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet.
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Search Engine Basics: Optimal Results
by Burkey Belser
Every firm wants prospective clients to find its site more often. Try building special pages for niche markets. Get your articles published elsewhere on the Web. Learn how to entice Google and other search engines to index your site. Read More

Online Conferencing: Webinar Buzz
by Edward Rholl
Web conferencing is one of the best technology tools for communicating powerful messages to targeted audiences.
  • Making Your Point in the Dark by Ted Schrafft.
  • Who Says There’s No Free Lunch? by Carrie Driscoll.
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Web Design Directory
Here are companies specializing in Web sites for law firms. Read More


Editor's Page

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on putting your site to work. Read More

On Balance

Steven Keeva on gaining presence in your thinking. Read More

First Person

Ross H. Fishman on Web-based reverse auctions. Read More


As I Was Saying: Imposing Order on E-Chaos
Wendy R. Leibowitz
It’s time to seize the bull by the horns and set sound e-mail policies for the workplace. Read More Comparing Web Publishing Software
Erik J. Heels
Want to update an existing site rather than create one from scratch? Here are test-drive results on three programs. Read More

Vendor Sampler: Web Hosting Companies

E-Definitions: Cell Phone Systems: Multigenerational Crumbs
Mark Tamminga
Ever since the discovery of radio waves, there’s been a tussle for available spectrum. Read More

Research Dig: Surviving Information Overload
Genie Tyburski
A host of applications, utilities and online services bring ease to the lives of organized knowledge seekers. Read More

Product Watch
Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the inbox. Read More


Marketing: Measuring Your Marketing ROI
Sally J. Schmidt

Do your marketing initiatives begin with reasonable and measurable objectives? If not, how can you really know if they achieve their intended ends? Read More


Fresh Out: Technically Speaking: Develop Your Skills
Susan Saltonstall Duncan

It’s time to apply law school theory to real-world practice and hone your technical lawyering skills. Here’s a checklist for achieving excellence. Read More

On Balance: There’s No Time Like the Present
Steven Keeva
Learn to look at a given situation through a new lens. It’s all about how we manage our lives as lawyers. Read More