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Internet Privacy Service

Anonymizer, Inc. has launched Anonymizer Private Surfing 2.0, a major upgrade to its Internet privacy service. The service, which protects users from the growing problem of online tracking, now provides even tougher defenses against Web threats and offers a simpler, more convenient user interface. Tactics used to harvest sensitive personal data through the Internet have become increasingly aggressive. Web sites, ISPs and online marketers can track Web visitors across thousands of sites to create intricate personal profiles. Hackers and identity thieves actively monitor people’s online activities. Private Surfing 2.0 addresses the Internet’s newest high-risk areas, while still providing ample protection from perennial privacy hazards such as cookies, JavaScript, ActiveX, Web bugs and viruses, and other potential problems.



Integrity Interactive Corporation provides Web-based offerings on corporate ethics and compliance topics. Its newest course tackles employee responsibilities and legal issues related to insider trading. As a public service, Integrity is also offering a free inside trading compliance alert bulletin at its site. Delve deeper at

Billing Software Bridge

eGlean, Inc., which develops customizable time tracking systems, has released Legal55, a new software program for legal professionals. Legal55 automatically tracks time spent on the computer, on the phone and in impromptu meetings. It records that time to the firm’s existing time and billing system without the user needing to manually start or stop a clock. The net result is more hours captured and attributed to the correct client and matter. The program bridges the gap between billable hours and billing software and allows time entries to be exported to an accounting system at any time.

Contact: (617) 423-0692;

Calendar Sync and Notes Integration

CompuLaw LLC has released Vision SQL 8.4, a significant update to its highly popular calendar solution. Version 8.4 adds powerful litigator tools, such as the ability to sync with Lotus Notes, the PIM (Personal Information Manager) Synchronization program, a database update program and database maintenance functions. Other new features are the "Switch Database" (enterprise versions only) and "Allow Duplicate Client Names" options. Lotus Notes users can now easily sync their Vision SQL court calendar schedules with their Notes calendars at any time. This includes the ability to schedule the synchronization to run automatically on specific days and at specified times.

Contact: (800) 444-0020;

TIME and Expense Management Solution

Carpe Diem Electronic Time Sheet 4.1, a new release from Best Software Specialty Products, is a service-oriented time and expense tracking system for corporate enterprises. Carpe Diem is ideal for professional services firms, and can be accessed and administered from anywhere with a modem or network connection. It allows business travelers and employees at satellite offices to synchronize their data with the home office quickly and easily. In addition, Carpe Diem 4.1’s new Site Synchronizer enables network administrators to set up workgroups or small branch offices without the need for an off-site administrator. Other significant enhancements include the addition of SmarTimers for CDWeb, Carpe Diem’s Web browser interface for existing Carpe Diem customers. SmarTimers will be sold as a stand-alone product for new customers, allows users to electronically track time while they work, rather than inputting all time data at the end of the day.


Digital Signatures for PDFs

Appligent’s new server-based application, SecurSign 2.0, adds security and authentication capabilities to Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF files are the standard of choice for electronic publishing in a range of security-intensive industries, including financial services, the legal profession and state and federal agencies. The cross-platform usability of PDF files makes them an ideal format for many electronic activities. SecurSign users can add encryption and digital signatures to PDF documents. They can also apply the standard Adobe Acrobat security measures, such as password protection.

Contact: (610) 642-8253;

Security Paper Product

KNOW Copy Paper is specially designed so that the words "Unauthorized Copy" appear when the document is copied, faxed or scanned, alerting users to an unauthorized duplication of the document. KNOW Copy Paper is ideal for litigation documents and other security-sensitive applications, such as confidential reports and financial information, abstracts, deeds, titles, certifications, licenses and the like.

Contact: (212) 431-5000.

Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters¨ in One Hour for Lawyers (