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October 2002
 Profitability Strategies
  • Mergers, Strategic Aliances, Join Ventures
  • Bold Move or Desparate Measure
  • How to Decide What's Right for You

The Alliance Option: Merger? Strategic Alliance? Joint Venture? What’s Right for Your Future?
by H. Edward Wesemann
Before you pursue a merger, consider that your long-term profitability may be better served with a lesser commitment.
  • Can a Non-Law Firm Alliance Add Synergy?
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Resisting the Urge to Merge: Five Midsize Firms Prove You Can Say No to Suitors and Stay Profitable
by Steven T. Taylor
While scores of midsize firms succumb to the consolidation craze, others have managed to blithely buck the trend. They don’t need a megafirm’s deep pockets to succeed.
  • Five Ingredients Midsize Firms Need to Succeed.
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Is This Merger Worth Pursuing?
by Ward Bower
How can you decide whether to seriously consider a merger approach? Here’s how to calculate the competitive advantage. Read More

CPA Services Primer: What Assurances Can You Expect from Your Accountant?
by Ronald L. Seigneur and Dena R. Prom
Whether you want basic help with your annual budget or need to prove your profits to a potential merger partner, know what to expect in CPA service levels.
  • Can a Non-Law Firm Alliance Add Synergy?
  • Accounting Ground Rules.
  • Report Format for a Compiled Financial Statement.
  • Report Format for a Financial Statement Review.
  • Report Format for a Financial Statements Audit.
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Editor's Page

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on deciding what counts. Read More

On Balance

Marcia P. Shannon on secrets of successful aging. Read More

Chair's Message

Chair’s Message John Tredennick on building business strategies. Read More

Rick Klau
If you haven’t yet embraced instant messaging in your practice, you are missing out on some real advantages. Here’s how it works for business. Read More

ABA TECHSHOW® 2003: Plan Ahead to Get Out Ahead!
TECHSHOW planners have been busy lining up program tracks for the April show. Read More

Personal Technology: Some Maturity, Please!
Stephen J. Harhai
If office servers are still having nervous breakdowns, can we really call that technological progress? Read More

E-Definitions: Cold, Hard Cash: The Online Payment Puzzle
Mark Tamminga
Pressed for digital money options, where can the World Wide Web turn? Read More

Feature: Implementing Training Requires Planning: Build the Right Program for Your Firm
Eric H. Steele and Thomas Scharbach
Training is indispensable to using new systems. But what tactics and tools help users learn best? Read More

Product Watch
Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the inbox. Read More


Marketing: Lessons for Lawyers from Herb Kelleher
Robert W. Denney

What does your practice have in common with Southwest Airlines? More than you might think. Read More

Practice Development Clips
Larry Bodine
A campaign that’ll knock your socks off, eye-popping greetings and a full-court press in niche marketing. Read More


New Column! Fresh Out: Tips and Tactics for New Lawyers
Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Want to start out on the right foot? Here’s a checklist for a personal success plan. Read More

On Balance: The Secrets of Successful Aging: Planning for Retirement Years
Marcia Pennington Shannon
Why do some retirees enjoy life more than others? It’s all in the plan. Read More