THE MAGAZINE      September 2002
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It’s Going to Feel So Good

There are so many things that have to be done. You must, obviously, attend to your clients’ needs. They have critical needs, business-threatening needs—needs that left unmet could pretty quickly put you out of business.

Then there are bills to send and to pay. Deadlines to meet. Documents to draft. Calls to answer. Calendars to manage. E-mails that demand your attention now.

And you can’t neglect your family, can you? The ball games to attend, dinners to make, birthdays to remember, vacations to plan, taxes to pay … and on and on.

It seems endless.

But now that fall is here, things are cooling off, and business seems a bit more normal, do something for yourself, would ya? Put aside the daily demands for a few hours and take a look at your law practice "to-do" list. Some big things probably have been living on that list for years. Some actions that could really improve your work life … ease conflicts within the firm … stop the flow of money out the door … build your business … relieve your stress. So why wait? Why not get it in gear, and wipe a few of those projects off the list?

Of course, I don’t know what’s on your specific to-do list. But our editorial group has come up with a pretty good guess, some common to-dos that many firms carry over on their lists from year to year, and year to year. And this issue’s writers offer some good ideas for how to get those things crossed off as "done!"

Revamp your marketing program. Done! Heather Gray-Grant tells you how to focus in on your clients with segment marketing.
Automate your document assembly and save time. Done! Seth Rowland shows you how to really leverage best practices with the best templates.
Sweep your client list. Done! Stephen Weinstein gives you the pointers—and the motivation—to actually, yes, fire some clients.
Get a grip on document retention. Done! Scott Nagel simplifies this tough one with some commonsense answers about how to protect your firm.
Develop a flextime policy. Done! Lisa Frame helps you hang onto critical talent by supporting your staff’s hectic life demands.
Deal with problem partners. Done! Bill Cobb helps you get a handle on this most painful of to-dos.

Whatever the perennial items that have been on your list for too long, get going today and you can cross off the hardest to-do: just getting started. Go ahead and roll up your sleeves. It’s going to feel so good!

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton,