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Edited By Storm Evans

Trial Presentation Integration

Visionary Legal Technologies and iCONECT have integrated their software, providing the tools for law firms and service bureaus to create on-the-fly courtroom presentations from anywhere in the world. iCONECT provides in-house Web repository solutions for legal professionals. The full integration of its software with Visionary’s Trial Presentation and Case Management software allows litigators to access and search through the millions of case-critical documents stored at the home office using iCONECT and, with one click, import document information and images into Visionary. Images and attachments can then be used to create powerful courtroom presentations. Plus, iCONECT provides access to calendar events, contacts, documents, notes, transcripts, e-mail with attachments, TIFF images and Acrobat PDF files. iCONECT also integrates with Concordance, LiveNote, Real Legal’s iBinder, Trial Director, Sanction II, CaseMap, JFS Litigators Notebook, Microsoft Office, Doculex and IPRO.


PC Disaster Recovery

PowerQuest Corporation recently announced Drive Image 2002, imaging software that protects hard-drive data, applications and operating systems from computer disaster. This new version quickly creates images for backup and safely restores data for PC recovery. Drive Image 2002 combines the reliability and effectiveness of its predecessors with a new intuitive Windows interface. Users can now copy or restore non-systems partitions without needing to boot to DOS. Drive Image 2002 also provides added ease-of-use by incorporating patented partitioning capabilities to allow users to create and maintain a separate partition for backup images.

Contact: (801) 437-8900;

Federal Case Coverage

New product enhancements from CourtEXPRESS, provider of online case research and document retrieval from U.S. courts, allow timely access to virtually every federal civil case. New features include an online, indexed archive where court dockets are stored daily. This enables clients to retrieve federal dockets directly from CourtEXPRESS, thereby circumventing day-to-day problems in accessing the courts directly. To provide the service, CourtEXPRESS monitors every civil case number assigned by the federal courts. Enhancements also improve the ability of lawyers and other users to support existing clients and scout new business with CourtEXPRESS’s business development tools, ClientWatch and RainMaker.

Contact: (800) 542-3320;

Affirmative Action Planning

Biddle Consulting Group has released AutoAAP 9.0, its latest affirmative action plan development software. AutoAAP helps lawyers with EEO/litigation-style analyses. The program exports a narrative for every plan to MS Word, with embedded comments to guide the user through the process of modifying the text to address organization-specific needs.

Contact: (877) 336-9778;

Site Spotlight

U.S. Legal Forms has more than 25,000 legal forms available on the Web. Documents range from construction liens, contracts, deeds and name changes, to powers of attorney, premarital agreements and promissory notes. Users can quickly and easily locate forms through links on the site’s home page or through a search engine. Orders go through a secure server, and then you simply open, edit, complete and print the form. The site also offers form preparation and completion services for selected document types. Sign on at

Document Delivery Via Multifunction System

A new solution from Xerox Corporation and Omtool Ltd. allows organizations to securely, quickly and cost-effectively send documents electronically. At the same time, organizations can track scanning and delivery costs and bill them back to their clients. The solution combines Omtool’s new AccuRoute software with the built-in scanning capabilities of Xerox’s networked Document Centre digital multifunction systems. The resulting system simplifies the distribution of hard-copy documents in electronic form, making it easy to scan and send documents by fax or e-mail. Lawyers who receive a time-sensitive hard-copy document can deliver it in electronic form to multiple parties around the country and file it in the firm’s document management system in a matter of minutes.

Contact: (603) 328-1433;

Court Calendar Module for Timekeeping

CompuLaw LLC, publisher of court rules databases for use with calendar/docket and case management systems, has announced that its Vision SQL court rules calendar software is now integrated with Juris timekeeping, electronic billing and accounting software. Juris, Inc. has created a CompuLaw "Vision Aware" module that detects the presence of Vision and automatically populates the Vision database for each matter with case information, so that it’s consistent with timekeeping and billing. The data transfers in real-time, eliminating the need to re-key redundant information or make batch data imports later.

Contact: (800) 444-0020;

Advanced Document Collaboration

Workshare Technology has released the newest version of Workshare Synergy, a document content collaboration application for Microsoft Word users. Workshare Synergy 2.3 contains enhancements that allow multiple parties to work together on documents more efficiently and easily, in a truly collaborative environment. When a Word document is selected from the document management system (DMS) or local file system to begin a collaboration, that document is automatically associated with Workshare Synergy. The document is then shown in the DMS or local file system as a Workshare Synergy collaboration file. All future contributors to the document automatically open it with Workshare Synergy instead of Word.

Contact: (415) 901-9023;

MS Word Add-in

Levit &James, Inc., is now shipping CrossEyes Version 2.0, an add-in that provides a complete view of everything in a Microsoft Word document. The CrossEyes window sits in Word, just below the user’s document, and displays a complete map of the format codes and objects in the document, in-line with the text. As the user moves around in the document, the CrossEyes display follows along. To select an item or a range of text, the user simply clicks in the CrossEyes window and the item is highlighted in Word. To edit, the user just double-clicks and the relevant Word dialog appears.

Contact: (703) 771-1549;

E-mail Preservation Tool

Electronic Evidence Discovery, Inc., has released its Preservation Partner software. The application enables companies to quickly define and implement electronic data preservation rules, so that e-mail and attachments potentially relevant to a given matter can be identified and preserved. Preservation Partner extracts e-mail and attachments from Microsoft Exchange and loads them into a fully searchable database for review by lawyers, in compliance with discovery or regulatory orders. The data can be searched, duplicated and annotated with search-criteria information. Appropriate subsets can be provided to lawyers for review, either online in the native format through EED’s Discovery Partner review platform or in various other formats, including TIFF, PDF or paper.

Contact: (206) 343-0131;

Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters in One Hour for Lawyers (