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September 2002
 September — Get It in Gear! Tackling the TO-DOs
  • The Annual Good Idea Issue
  • Organize Yourself
  • Compete Better With Segment Marketing
  • Think Flextime to Keep Top Talent
  • Clean Out Your Client List
  • Automate Your Templates
  • Get Outta' There! Make Moving Fun
  • Get a Grip on Document Retention
  • Deal with Problem Partners
  • PLUS: Disaster Planning and Recovery

Get Going in Segment Marketing
by Heather Gray-Grant
A fundamental change in perspective can make all the difference in your success at marketing legal services. To-do? Think client needs.
  • 15 Ways to Add Value for Client from Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour.
  • 12 Tips for Publishing Client Newsletters by David M. Freedman.
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Time to Deal With Problem Partners
by William C. Cobb
Do You Understand the principles of collaborative performance? Use them to deal with problem partners to endsure the firm's long-term good.
  • How to Access Your Client list by Stephen Weinstein.
  • Implementing Flextime Scheduling by Lisa M. Frame.
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Automating Templates
by Seth G. Rowland
Finally ready to streamline your practice with a well-designed document assembly system? Here's a road map to leveraging your best practices. Read More

Key Steps When Relocating
by Doug Rollo
Make a smooth move with the four keys to a happy relocation: coordination, cooperation, commitment and fun. Read More

New Column: Rip It! It's Time to Get Organized
by Sharon Mann
Summer was fun - but it's over. It's time to get serious and get organized. Take these tips from the presindent of the "I Hate Filing" club on how to straighten out the messes in your life. Read More


Editor's Page

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on getting things done. Read More

On Balance

Stewar Levine on a new kind of law school. Read More

Chair's Message

New Section Chair John Tredenick explains his "core" concept for our future. Read More


As I was Saying: Examining Our Online Selvers
Wendy R. Leibowitz
Who's in charge of our personal data and how do we regain control? Read More Combating Spam
Eric J. Heels
What if you reversed the flow of junk e-mails flooding your inbox and knocked back a message to each of the spammers? Read More

Site Watch: Time Tamer To-Dos
A time tabulator, tip lists and research results. Read More

E-Definitions: The Cudgel of Copyright Protection Schemes
Mark Tamminga
DMCA provisions to keep the genie in the bottle have unsettling implications. Read More

Cool Tools: Get Remote Control of Your Desktop
Michael Tamburo
Training is indispensable to using new systems. But what tactics and tools help users learn best? Read More

Product Watch
Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the inbox. Read More


Practice Development Clips
Larry Bodine
Cold calls, professional pitchers and platinum speaking. Read More

Marketing: Good Ideas for Marketing Any Size Law Firm
Sally J. Schmidt

Seven marketing ideas that work for firms large and small. Read More


Safeguarding the Firm: Disaster and Recover Planning
Molly George

Because of prior planning, a coordinated response and teamwork, this Manhattan firm was able to carry on its work after the unbelievable occured. An extraordinary lesson for all lawyers. Read More

On Balance: A New Kind of Law School
Stewart Levine
What might tomorrow's legal education be like? Consider this. Read More