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No Client Is Too Big or Too Small

By Wendy R. London

Assume that a law firm wasn’t constrained by precedent or internal politics and that money was no object. What truly innovative practice management activity would you love to see implemented?

Thinking outside the universe for my dream practice management innovation, I found that heaps of ideas came flooding toward me—from the sublime to the ridiculous. However, when I concentrated on the words "truly innovative," I got real again. There are still heaps of ideas, but I’d like to try out this one:

Think of a law firm world where the client is at the center of that world. Where every single member of the law firm community has a role in, and a responsibility for, ensuring that the client—regardless of how big or small—receives the best possible service. Where that service is based on a model in which all information about the client is accessible through a client data warehouse and everyone in the firm— be they a partner or an accounts clerk—shares that information.

Think of a law firm where a lawyer or a marketing manager or even the receptionist can access information about the client to be able to tailor more appropriate legal services for the client, or target the right seminar invitations or brochures to the client, or greet the client in a way that makes the client feel really welcome and appreciated.

We know it has to be the right thing to do. But how many law firms have the right systems and management practices in place to do it? Does yours?

Wendy R. London ( is CEO of Client Management International, in New Zealand, which offers the Client Marketing Methodology to the legal profession.