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Edited By Storm M. Evans


DynamicVOICE now offers a suite of digital dictation and transcription systems customized for the legal market. DynamicVOICE’s hardware and software work with existing systems and support multiple file formats, allowing lawyers to add on to their dictation-transcription systems incrementally. The fully scalable dictation-transcription systems allow legal professionals in firms of all sizes to take advantage of the technology. Voice files are automatically captured and securely delivered to designated locations on a network, via telephone lines or through a Web-based transfer.

Contact: (800) 998-3488;


The Association of Legal Administrators has released Volume II of the ALA Management Encyclopedia, a CD-ROM product that was launched last year. The collection allows administrators to browse in-depth management articles or search for keywords and phrases. Volume II contains comprehensive articles covering general and strategic planning and facilities management. Resources include sample checklists, memos, policies, charts and spreadsheets that can be tailored to meet specific needs. A collection of reference works, including books, publications and PDF versions of articles, as well as links to a variety of Web sites, are also available. Volume I of the Management Encyclopedia covers human resources and financial management topics.

CONTACT: (847) 816-1212;


DataGuard Group provides off-site data storage and fast emergency recovery from data disaster situations. It offers business data protection through an easy-to-use, cost-effective system that enables users to back up online with whatever retention system they require or prefer. Data is secure and available whenever the user needs it. DataGuard software is installed and maintained by DataGuard’s technicians.

CONTACT: (877) 282-4873; www.dataguard


The TechnoLawyer Community recently relaunched its e-mail community service using PECS 1.0, a new technology it developed that transforms list server (discussion list) content into cohesive, manageable e-mail newsletters published on a regular schedule. With the new technology, TechnoLawyer staff can quickly compile peer-written submissions into different e-mail newsletters from which subscribers can choose.



GoToMyPC is a Web-based tool that allows users to access their PCs from anywhere, anytime. Fast, easy and secure, GoToMyPC can be used by legal professionals who travel frequently and need to access files from remote locations, or who simply want to spend more time working away from the office. Head to


Legal Broadcast Company is launching Deposition Navigator, a secure, searchable video and text synchronization system. It is designed to save lawyers time and money when reviewing video testimony by enabling text searches to locate and view exact segments over the Internet. Deposition Navigator is a customized application based on Sonic Foundry’s MediaSite Publisher and Navigator, a suite of applications providing media content integration, indexing and search technology. Deposition Navigator automatically synchronizes the text and video from deposition testimony for Web-based searches and viewing, allowing secure, remote communication.



The latest release of Juris, Inc.’s popular Juris program has been integrated with Cole Valley Software’s ContactEase relationship management solution. Previous Juris integration partners have included case management systems and docket-calendar management products. Through the new integration, those who use ContactEase in combination with Juris can know exactly what a client’s accounting status is, answer questions about their bills and, at the same time, view and update the contact and company information. In addition, users can access information on both billed and unbilled time and expenses, and see detailed and summarized time records, aging on A/R, expenses, bills, receipts and other client data. Security capabilities within ContactEase allow for restriction of information.

Contact: (615) 377-3740;


Toshiba is working with Time Matters to provide an integrated turnkey package for lawyers using the Linux operating system. Toshiba and Time Matters are offering Enterprise and World Editions of Time Matters, the practice management software, deployed on the Magnia SG20. The Magnia SG20 is smaller than a VCR, but it has the ability to create a local area network for an entire law office. The Magnia SG20 is a total prepackaged system with Linux-provided firewall, file-print sharing, Internet and printer gateway, Web caching, content filtering, e-mail services, backup, remote administration and Linux operating system, all at a comprehensive, integrated cost. The Toshiba-Time Matters package will enable law offices to easily install a robust, secure and affordable practice management end-user system, ready to deploy out of the box.



PageStamp is a unique document-processing machine specifically for litigation teams. This high-speed case document numbering and indexing solution, which has full alphanumeric capabilities, automates page numbering at up to 200 pages per minute. It offers color Bates numbering and an optional bar-coding capability. PageStamp significantly reduces Bates stamping production time, while improving accuracy. And with documents numbered in advance of photocopying, users maintain greater file security.

Contact: (732) 390-1700;


Gavel & Gown Software recently announced the release of its latest add-on product, Amicus Assembly. The new product offers Amicus Attorney users increased features and flexibility for document generation. Amicus Assembly is based on the powerful GhostFill document assembly engine. GhostFill’s next-generation technology has expert document-generation capabilities, while at the same time providing a fast and easy-to-use solution. Gavel & Gown Software has licensed GhostFill on an exclusive basis for integration into practice management.

Contact: (800) 472-2289;

Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers (