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ABA TECHSHOW® "60 Sites" Quick Picks

From the worthwhile to the weird, here is a random smattering of the sites that Jeff Flax, Mark Tamminga and David Vandagriff presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2002, during the ever-popular "60 Sites in 60 Minutes" hoopla. The organization of these sites is somewhat arbitrary, but then again, so was their presentation and so is the Web. You can find URLs for all the sites from this year’s program at

Legally Interesting

Complete Case—
Full uncontested divorce on the Web. 249 bucks a crack (plus court costs).

Chilling Effects—
The legal climate for Internet activity.

Crime Scene Assistance— www.crimescene .com.
Invitation to all comers to help solve ghastly crimes.

E-Cave— /ecave.asp.
Fine example of using the Web as a marketing tool and Web-based training as a source of revenue.

Free Advice—
General articles on a large number of legal topics. Document generation and lawyer referral services.

Government Access—
Your first click to the U.S. government.

I’m Right—You’re Wrong—
Suddenly everybody thinks they’re a lawyer.

Legal Zoom—
More self-help. Civilians creating legal documents online.

Michigan Cyber Court—
State-sanctioned litigation over the Web, starting in October 2002.

Generally Interesting

Accurint Investigative Database—
Find out way too much about anybody way too cheaply.

Cancer Mortality— plus/charts.html.
Rates by state/type/demographics/5-year increments. What’s the most dangerous county in your state?

Center for Internet Security—
Download some cool software. Give your system security a check.

Contact Your Senator—
The list and the Web sites.

Electronic Frontier Foundation—
Fighting the good fight against censorship and corporate ownership of the Internet.

Gibson Research Center—
See how safe your Internet connection really is.

Glass Engine—
A whole new way of looking at music. Very cool.

Google Groups—
20 years of UseNet Archives.

Compare your Web site’s search popularity against that of your competitors.

New York Times Navigator—
This is a useful place to start your exploration of the Web.

Orson Welles Radio Plays—
World of the Wars and all the Mercury Theater productions, in RealAudio.

Project Gutenberg—; and Classic e-Books— /ebooks/ebooklist.html.
Fabulous collections of great literature in ASCII.

Get your neighborhood’s environmental assessment.

The Visible Human Project—
The wildest flight through a human body.


The Annals of Improbable Research—
Home of the Ig Nobel Prizes. Weird science indeed.

Any Birthday—
If you can only know one thing about a person, it might as well be that person’s birthday. 135 million of them right here. Sign up for e-mail birthday reminders.

Ghost Sites—
Sites that have disappeared from the Web.

My Rich Uncle—
Pay for your college education by agreeing to give them a fixed percentage of your future income.

Paper Airplanes—
Printable designs for dozens of planes. Fold away.

Paper CD Case—
You know that CD you made from all those songs you downloaded from KaZaA? Now you can create an attractive case for it.

Timeless Mail—
Show your loved ones you care by arranging for an e-mail to be sent after you pass on. Just because you stop doesn’t mean your e-mail has to.

Huh? Say What?

The Apostrophe Protection Society—; and The Bureau of Missing Socks— www.funbur
Hey, everybody needs a club.

CIA for Kids—
Get ‘em while they’re young. Tips from the Central Intelligence Agency on how to be a spy child.

GPS Drawing—
Have a GPS? A graphic sensibility? Lots of free time? Draw an 11-kilometer elephant.

Mind Reading Markup Language—
It was only a matter of time.

Squirrel Fishing—
Catch and release is the rule. No animals were hurt.