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    May/June 2002

Risk Takers

  • Time to Make a Change? Lessons from Lawyers Who Took a Chance
  • How-tos for Getting Your New Practice Off the Ground
  • Suddenly Solo? The Right (and Wrong) Way to Do It
  • Automate Your New Office for $5,000
  • Make Your Firm a Great Place to Work
  • Marketing Lessons

Taking Control: Thinking of Going on Your Own? How-tos for Getting Your New Practice Off the Ground
by Christopher T. Hurley
Ten years ago, Christopher Hurley left the security of a large firm job to start his own law practice. Here, he shares what he learned. Read More

A Corporate Counsel’s Fling with Solo Practice
by Ernest A. Schaal
The long-term prospects looked good for Ernie Schaal’s new solo firm. The practice, though, would be short term. His trials and errors, and a twist. Read More

Fly Right: Dos and Don’ts in Opening a Second Office
by K. William Gibson
Is it time to branch out? Bill Gibson explains why he opened a branch office —then learned how to do it right the next time. Read More

Making Plans: An Unpredictable Path
by Daniel B. Evans
Don’t be afraid to make decisions, even the wrong ones. Here’s a story about how the best-laid plans can go astray—and lead to remarkable rewards. Read More

The Art of Successful Law Firm Newsletters: Lessons from the Network
by Robert B. Fleming
Here’s how to start and maintain a successful law firm newsletter. Read More


Editor's Page

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton asks, what have you got to lose? Read More

On Balance

Steve Keeva on judging others. Read More

Chair's Message

Bill Gibson on the solo’s need to share practice problems. Read More

Erik J. Heels
How can you get more marketing bang from the Internet? Optimize your search engine rankings and e-newsletter readership. Steps to better search engine results. Read More

Cool Tools: Protect Your Papers: Go Digital
Michael Tamburo
Here’s how you can use scanning, DVD and Web storage technologies to ensure access to executed documents—regardless of circumstances. Read More

Site Watch: Web Site Usability

Is your Web site really usable? Check out the tips at Read More

E-Definitions: Unscrambling DVD
Mark Tamminga
There are strange doings in the fight for control of digital disc technology. Read More

Product Watch
Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the inbox. Read More

Wire up your office for $5,000.
Storm Evans
What technology basics do you need for a one-person office? Storm Evans shares some good advice. Read More


Practice Development Clips
Larry Bodine

High-powered talk, link popularity and cash rewards for client development. Read More

Marketing: Control Your Destiny: Seven Steps for Building a Clientele
Sally J. Schmidt
If you suddenly had to develop a book of business on your own, could you do it? Read More


Making Your Firm a Great Place to Work
Susan Raridon Lambreth and Kelly A. Fox
In the competition to get and keep good lawyers and staff, four firms shine like beacons with their top-notch programs. What can you learn from them? Read More

On Balance: In the Hall of Mirrors: Judge Not
Steven Keeva
When we identify ourselves with our judgments, it can diminish us and harm our relationships. Read More