October 2001

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On the hunt for ways to make your practice hum?

Here’s the latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Edited by Storm Evans

Depositions on Demand

I-DEP, a leading Internet deposition service, has announced its new Depositions on Demand management suite. In addition, it has added features such as multiple private chat rooms to its PC-based live service. I-DEP provides a fully integrated streaming media Internet deposition service that includes full video, two-way audio, real-time transcript, instant objections and a built-in chat feature for discreet communication via computer or telephone with off-site and on-site participants. The service lets lawyers and colleagues participate from any online computer live, as the deposition happens, without the need for special hardware or software. The new Depositions on Demand is a post-deposition suite that allows synchronized search, playback and editing of video and transcripts. It also securely archives all annotations and highlights captured during the live deposition. It outputs to VHS, CD-ROM or DVD.


Merge Data with Acrobat

Pureforms, Inc. has released PF-Printmerge, a tool that enables database data to be merged into an Adobe Acrobat form without programming. One of the first products to utilize the new capabilities in Acrobat 5, PF-Printmerge uses a simple three-step process to create a single Acrobat PDF form file, using your form’s template and data. It is similar to mail merge in a word processor: You log in to your database; open your form’s template; and create a mapping via a drag-and-drop process. Once done, simply click the Start Merge button.


Easy Document Captures With A Digital Camera

PageCam Professional combines software with a digital camera to enable complete mobility for image capture. To create new documents from an existing hard-copy source, users simply snap the image and download it onto the PC. PageCam images can also be dropped into any Windows application. The software enhances digital images for more accurate text recognition by OCR software. Another benefit: Other document objects, such as pictures, can be cut and pasted from paper to electronic documents.

Contact: +44 (0) 1223 707170;

Immigration Forms Software

MMA Corp. has released a major upgrade to EILA, Esq., its flagship legal forms software, along with a new enterprise version. EILA, Esq. allows legal professionals and home users to manage the immigration process. The upgrade features include electronic signatures and 160 forms. In addition, the new version for enterprises supports SQL Server as a backend database. SQL Server support allows law firms with large installations to manage increasing numbers of users and immigration cases. EILA, Esq. uses the firm’s existing database to automatically populate the fields.


Site Spotlight

Applied Discovery, Inc.’s new online electronic discovery resource center provides practical assistance in e-discovery during litigation or mergers and acquisitions. It includes a library of e-discovery cases and secondary sources, as well as discussions of cost sharing, electronic evidence spoliation, acceptable forms of evidence production and electronic document retention policies. Discover it at

Handwritten Notes into Handheld Organizers

Seiko Instruments USA, Inc., recently announced the launch of SmartPad2. SmartPad2 extends the benefits of the original SmartPad to Handspring, Sony Cliè, TGR Pro, Palm and IBM Workpad C3 personal organizers. With SmartPad2, handwritten notes and drawings are instantly transferred from paper to a handheld organizer via an infrared port. Users can view their handwritten notes on their organizer, store and organize them, and even e-mail them directly from their desktop or organizer via compatible modem or Web-enabled cellular phone. The SmartPad2’s new features include a QWERTY keypad that is imprinted on the bottom of the digitizer tablet. A new modular design allows users to customize portions of the portfolio.

Contact: (310) 517-7050;

Remote Access to Practice Data
LexisNexis and Time Matters Software recently announced that the World Edition of their co-branded practice management software will offer secure, real-time, remote access to vital data via the Web. Users of the World Edition of the LexisNexis Time Matters software will find virtually the same user interface when using the software in the office or remotely from their Web browsers. World Edition offers self-hosting of data in addition to the contract-hosting (or ASP) approach. So customers capable of hosting their own Web sites can now serve up practice management information to their browsers at the same time the information is available to their desktop computers.

Contact: (919) 467-1221;

Collaboration Tool

Workshare Technology has released Workshare Synergy 2.0, an application allowing organized and secure document collaboration between a managing author and multiple contributors. It lets internal and external parties collaborate without loosing the control and integrity of the original document. Using Workshare Synergy, a replica of the original document—versus the original—is transmitted via e-mail (which can be password-protected and encrypted). By sending only a copy, the managing author maintains complete control, because the actual document never leaves the security of the document management system. There is no danger of the introduction of unwanted macros or foreign styles. Workshare Synergy strips out all the metadata so there is no hidden information contained in the replica of the sent document. Contributors who review and edit the document use the Workshare Synergy Contributor. This utility can be downloaded for free from Workshare Technology’s Web site.

CONTACT: (888) 404-4246;

Desktop Information Management
FranklinCovey Co. has launched FranklinCovey OnePlace, customizable software that organizes information into one PC desktop workspace. It enables users to quickly find and access computer data—e-mails, documents, schedules, contacts and Web sites. The program is part of FranklinCovey’s Productivity in the Digital Age initiative to harness leading technologies and effectiveness tools to meet the needs of people who are inundated with information and are seeking ways to maintain productivity.

Contact: (801) 817-6441;

Litigation Management Online
Quorum has released Reddoc II, an Internet-based information management system that provides instant and secure access to litigation-related document collections for searching, reviewing, printing, editing and collaborating. Reddoc II’s expanded capabilities include: integration with Quorum’s electronic data discovery, document scanning and coding services; collaboration via e-mail; and the ability to create and share electronic briefcases or folders of high-priority documents. It also offers network printing coast-to-coast and security based on SSL encryption and secure IDs.


Storm M. Evans ( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers (