Nov/Dec 2001

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Nov/Dec 2001

Special Technology Issue
  • Marketing in a Wired World
  • Web Site Strategy
  • Contact Managers

The Wired World of Marketing Legal Services
by Wendy Leibowitz
There’s a New Standard in Netting, Knowing and Keeping Clients.
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Listservs: E-mail that Brings in Business
Knowledge Management Edge
Amazing Software Replaces Lawyers’ Memories!
Roadshow! Presentation Tips and Tricks

Contact Management: Choose Your Weapon
by Nancy Manzo
How do you get beyond the hype and figure out which contact or relationship management system is right for you?

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Web Site Strategies: Where in the Web
by Deborah McMurray
If your site is not attracting visitors, it is not working for you. In other words, it’s a waste of money
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Online Competitions: The Auction Block
by Lee Ann Gibson
Internet matchmakers aim to broker lawyer-client relationships. A new breed encourages lawyers to bid for work. What do you need to know to compete?
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Editor's Page
By Merrylin Astin Tarlton
To Boldly Go...
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Practice Development Clips
By Ross Fishman
Ross Fishman on the new world of practice marketing. Read More

Chair's Message

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Best Practices
By Joy M. White
Service is the name of the game. Read More

Getting Ahead

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Planning Your Technology Future: Top Trends to Focus on Now
By Eric H. Steele and Thomas Scharbach
Technology seems to take a bigger bite out of the budget every year. Consider these trends—and the true cost to those who don’t keep pace with change. Read More Keeping Your PC Healthy
By Rick Klau
With a handful of tools and tricks, your computer needn't be a dinosaur before its time. Read More

Personal Technology: Working Out Personal Time
By Steven J. Harhai
It’s nice to indulge in the luxury of getting away, without an overloaded desk lying in wait when you return. Read More

E-Definitions: The Lingua Franca of Document Markup
By Mark Tamminga
Markups, SGML, HTML...and the World Wide Web. Read More

Cool Tools: The PDA Buyer's Checklist
By Michael Tamburo
Here's what you need to know before you buy a PDA. Read More

Product Watch
By Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the inbox. Read More


The Science of Useful Research: Crafting Law Firm Surveys
By Molly George

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Practice Development Clips
By Ross Fishman

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Marketing: When the Going Gets Tough...
By Sally J. Schmidt

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Strategic Thinking: How Small and Midsize Firms Can Meet Their Opportunities
By Joe Reevy

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On Balance: The Art of the Downshift - Going Home
By Steven Keeva

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