Nov/Dec 2001

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On the hunt for ways to make your practice hum? Here’s the latest legal technology news in the inbox.

CRM Harnesses Time and Billing Data
Interface Software has a new service offering for InterAction customers seeking to harness data from their Elite time and billing systems for client relationship management (CRM) initiatives. The new service will allow professionals and marketing teams to quickly integrate their financial data with critical relationship intelligence sourced in InterAction. The information can then be used for business development, cross-selling, client service and other revenue-generating initiatives. This service builds on the integration capabilities of InterAction Application Collaboration, a module included with the InterAction license that automatically harvests selected data from any enterprise application, aggregating it into InterAction’s centralized database. Through the new Elite integration, professionals can easily access critical information directly from InterAction, such as top clients based on billing revenues, internal staffing details on specified matters and the like.

Contact: (630) 572-1400; .


Treeba, Inc.’s new Virtual Interview Portal (VIP) is designed to help law firms expand and manage their recruiting efforts. It enables firms to conduct virtual text and video interviews with law students and incorporates a proprietary competency model and questionnaire. For its initial season, the VIP is linking six leading law firms with nine national law schools. Learn more at


Brentmark Software has released RetireNow, a cash-flow retirement planning program. The program offers three levels of detail, including the ability to make year-to-year changes in individual assets. It includes charts and detailed reports for net worth, retirement income, wealth transfer, asset allocation, asset ownership and insurance. In addition, RetireNow has an intuitive graphic interface enabling it to be used in front of clients as a presentation tool.

CONTACT: (800) 879-6665;


Software Technology, Inc.’s popular case management system, Case Master, now includes a custom software application that runs on Palm OS-compatible handhelds. The Case Master Palm Application allows users to access, add and modify calendar entries and contacts, synching the changes and additions back to Case Master. The new feature, which is free with Case Master, gives users the ability to have control of information they take with them, as well as complete data-entry verification while working on their handheld.

CONTACT: (800) 487-7111;


Martindale-Hubbell on AOL

Martindale-Hubbell has announced an agreement with America Online, Inc., under which customized content from Martindale-Hubbell's site will be available in areas across, and Martindale-Hubbell will provide users of the America Online brands with "Quick Searches" of its database and a range of other content on lawyers and the law in areas including AOL’s Personal Finance, Parenting and Careers & Work Channels; CompuServe's Business & Careers Channel; AOL.COM's Legal Web Center; and's channel focused on business research.

CONTACT: (800) 526-4902;

Enhanced Image Retrieval and Editing
Dataflight Software’s Opticon 2.0 is a major upgrade that includes dozens of enhancements. Opticon provides an integrated solution for image retrieval, editing and document production. Working in conjunction with Concordance, it centralizes scanned documents and facilitates information sharing across organizations. Opticon 2.0 offers the ability to separate multipage TIFF images, to easily pull data from Concordance to print onto divider sheets, and to set and clear document breaks from Concordance databases. It also delivers faster-running 32-bit speed that supports long file names, a brand-new document production wizard and advanced printing options for high-volume runs. Other new features focus on automating and simplifying administrative tasks, resulting in time savings for litigation support teams.

Contact: (877) 421-TEXT;

Contract Automation Suite
Oracle Corporation recently announced Oracle Contracts, a major component of the Oracle E-Business Suite. The Oracle Contracts family of applications will allow companies to manage their contractual obligations across the extended enterprise—including complex agreements with customers, suppliers and partners. It is designed to help standardize and streamline the contracting process, thereby working to reduce administrative costs, expose new opportunities and eliminate contract leakage. The Oracle Contracts family of applications is being augmented with new programs for managing sales, project and service contracts, as well as contracts intelligence.

Contact: (650) 506-7000;

KM Tool for Structuring Information
PX Technologies has introduced Wintility Pro, a utility software that enables workgroups and individual users to more efficiently access, organize and manage their documents. A comprehensive processor of unstructured information, Wintility Pro creates a customized work environment for the individual, while giving the firm full control in defining which documents may be accessed and altered, and by which users. Wintility Pro speeds locating and retrieving information with attributes and features – such as labeling rules, find and filter tools, content viewing and descriptions – used as selection criteria. Its Auto Organization function employs a set of user-defined rules to automatically catalog documents created and received. The Auto Doc function automates creation and cataloging of new documents and allows standardizing of all electronic documentations, including e-mails. The software synchronizes the user’s Windows Explorer and Wintility folders to facilitate interaction and to keep both structures updated. In addition, through the WebWintility feature, users – and guests – can access their document catalogs, or their Windows Explorer files, through any Internet browers.




Kodak’s new i50 Scanner captures color, bitonal and grayscale images at up to 20 pages per minute. In addition, it outputs black-and-white or grayscale images at resolutions of up to 600 dpi, effective for Web publishing and business communications applications. Its stack-loading feature and automatic document feeder save users time by allowing them to batch up work. An extremely short paper-path design ensures that every document placed in the feeder is received in the output tray. For exceptions such as photos, fragile papers, small documents or books, a built-in flatbed makes high-quality image capture easy. The i50 Scanner also features simplified drivers and bundled software for fast-start installation.


Protection for Privileged Documents
Applied Discovery, Inc., developer of Internet-based electronic discovery solutions, has introduced its new Redaction capability, allowing legal professionals to select and extract text and graphics from electronic documents. This technology can be helpful in preventing disclosure of trade secrets, intellectual property details and other privileged information. Applied Discovery’s flagship service transforms electronic discovery into fully searchable and secure Web-based files. The Redaction feature is unique because it allows users to permanently remove information from electronic documents, rather than just applying an overlay to temporarily conceal privileged information. Once saved, the new, redacted version becomes part of the database and can be accessed with the proper authorization. If the user makes a mistake or the court orders production of the redacted material, the Redaction feature provides several levels of "undo" that make it easy to recover redacted information.

Contact: (877) 613-3010;

Legal Bundle Targets Smaller Law Firms
Gateway, Inc., through agreements with leading software companies, has announced new computing solutions designed specifically for the legal industry. Legal professionals can now order Gateway desktop and notebook PCs delivered with two award-winning applications: Gavel & Gown’s Amicus Attorney ( case management software and Timeslips ( time and billing software by Sage US Holdings, Inc. The agreements are designed to specifically address the needs of the legal community with a comprehensive computing solution that simplifies the procurement and installation of technology in small- and medium-size law firms by making both hardware and software available from one vendor. Combined with local support through Gateway stores, lawyers now have a single source to turn to for their technology needs.

Contact: (800) 846-2106;

Expanded File Compression and Transfers
Aladdin Systems, Inc.’s new StuffIt 7.0 for Windows provides easy-to-use compression tools to create and expand archives and encoded files in a variety of widely used formats. Version 7 introduces two new applications. StuffIt Express allows users to create custom file-transfer applications that contain all the information necessary to complete a specific task. Users then double-click, or drag files onto, these applications to start the transfer process. Easy-to-use wizards allow users to start creating these timesaving applications within minutes of installing the software. In addition, the new ArchiveSearch application allows users to quickly find files that are buried deep within both Zip and StuffIt archives. ArchiveSearch supports searches over the network, and allows users to create and save custom search criteria. StuffIt provides Windows XP users with transparent access to all the files they download from the Internet, regardless of the format in which they are compressed.

Contact: (831) 768-3630;


Pitney Bowes Office Systems has introduced the DL200 multifunction printer-copier, a competitively priced digital product to help control office costs and increase productivity. Included in this 21 page-per-minute unit are features such as scanning, copying and faxing that are enabled only with digital technology. Network compatible, the DL200 is priced to replace 18-to-25 page-per-minute analog copiers, network printers and convenience fax units with a device that has a smaller footprint. The DL200’s networking capability allows users to perform multiple tasks on one device, eliminate redundant systems and save money on consumable supply costs and monthly maintenance agreements. It only requires an imaging cartridge and add-in toner.

CONTACT: (800) 290-7860;

Storm M. Evans
( is a practice support consultant at P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0370. She is the author of the ABA book Time Matters® in One Hour for Lawyers (