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November/December 1997 — Technology Issue
  • Bridge Over the Millennium
  • How to Collect Your E-Mail--Anywhere or Almost Anywhere
  • Technology--Who Needs It?
  • Marketing Tips for Holiday Parties.
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October 1997 — Professionalism Issue
  • Balancing Autonomy and Accountability
  • Programs to Help Attorneys Improve Professionalism
  • Civility: Moving Beyond the Code
  • How to Cut Your Health Insurance Costs.
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September 1997 — Marketing Issue
  • Presentation Skills--Sharpen Your Communication Skills to Market Your Firm
  • How to Attract Clients with Media Publicity--8 Secrets for Successful News Releases
  • Write Like a Moviemaker
  • How to Keep in Touch with Prospective Clients
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July/August 1997 — Managing Associates/Staff Issue
  • Some Attorneys Find Happiness Selling Their Services "Wholesale"
  • Effective Assignments and Feedback to Associates
  • Associate Retention: Making a Case for a Systems Analysis
  • Effective Use of Legal Assistants Equates to Greater Profit.
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May/June 1997 — People/Diversity Issue
  • What to Expect When the Glass Shatters
  • Avoiding Lawsuits for Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Empowerment: Reducing Stress Among Support Staff
  • If Attitudes are Contagious, Is Yours Worth Catching?
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April 1997 — Alternative Fees Issue
  • Using Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • Educating Lawyers in Small and Medium-Sized Firms
  • Honoring the Tradition of Training
  • Promoting Marketing Skills Through Evaluation.
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March 1997 — TECHSHOW Issue
  • Thinking Strategically About Automation
  • Transforming the Legal Practice Through Technology
  • New Communications Technologies
  • A Blueprint for Marketing Lateral Partners.

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January/February 1997 — Solo Practice Issue
  • The Future Looks Good for Solos
  • Being Solo and Other Ravings of a Lunatic
  • Ethical Considerations Raised by the Use of Contract Attorneys
  • Disaster and Contingency Planning.
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