May/June 1999  Volume 25, Number 4
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, May/June 1999 Issue

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More Than a Handshake: Lateral Hires Who Stay
Law firms face a devastatingly high attrition rate among lateral hires. How can you do better at integrating these valuable newcomers into your practice—and make sure you recoup your investment?
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton and Patrick J. McKenna

Best Practices in Promotion Policies
Up-or-out policies no longer make sense for most firms. How can you create a promotion track that ensures every lawyer in your firm has an important and rewarding role to play?
Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Turnover: What Can You Do To Keep Good Lawyers?
Take these proactive steps to reduce turnover in your firm.
Rachelle J. Canter, Ph.D.

Why Associates Leave
Want to hear what associates from large firms are telling headhunters?
Martha Fay Africa

Coaching and Development for Fun and Profit
Want to develop your firm's new lawyers into the happiest, most productive individuals they can be? Try this six-point program.
Joan Wagner Zinober, Ph.D.

Editor's Page - John C. Tredennick Jr. discusses computer literacy standards—and provides documents online to get you started.

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Technology Update: If You're Not E-Shopping, You're Paying Too Much
At TECHSHOW '99, we found some real gems about online shopping, online legal research, antivirus and antihoax news, and scary details about our private lives. In "Parting Shots," we learn about sock monkeys and Microsoft trial antics.
G. Burgess Allison Spies R Us
Ever get the feeling somebody is watching you? How much can you find out about yourself on the Internet?
Erik J. Heels

WordPerfect 2000: More Open, More Capable, More Reasons to Upgrade
Our reviewers say Corel's WordPerfect will be better than ever with the release of WP 2000. And Corel seems committed to making "open standards" a reality.
Bruce Dorner and Ross Kodner

Word 2000: Evolution Triumphs Over Further Revolution
Should you upgrade to Microsoft Word 2000? Our reviewer says yes - assuming you find a new feature you like. Here's a look at dozen specific improvements.
Daniel S. Coolidge

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Marketing Without a Vision
Firms that know where they want to go and use that vision to chart their course ultimately will be more successful.
Sally J. Schmidt

Only Human: A Fresh (and Constant) Look at the Delicate Act of Balance
If a balanced life seems always to be just beyond your grasp, try changing the way you think about it. Your natural goal orientation may be working against you.
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton