September 1999  Volume 25, Number 6
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, September 1999 Issue

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Before You Close: A Sensible Path to Selling Services
" I have this great prospect... what do I do next?" Tired of stumbling when it comes to turning into paying clients? Focus on crafting meaning - full relationships, and your closing "sales pitch" will speak for itself.
Peter C. Jenkins and Erica W. Clary

Progressive Levels Of Associate Marketing
Involving associates progressively in your marketing program can nurture a bond of loyalty between associate and firm.
Phyllis Weiss Haserot

Want Answers? Check the LawMarketing Discussion List
Savvy answers to your specific questions about marketing may be just minutes away - and free! Check out this listserv.
Larry Bodine

Weekly Marketing Plan Checklist
Refer to this list at least once a week. Laminate it. Hang it in your office. It will remind you that marketing is an ongoing project.
Hollis Weishar

New Column! Practice Development Clips
Ross Fishman's new column features clips on what's new in law practice marketing, from mugging for your Web site to brand building to trends and predictions.
Ross Fishman

Editor's Page - John C. Tredennick Jr. on making history.

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Michael Jimmerson's high-tech briefs.

Technology Update: No Excuses: It's Time to Build Your Firm's Web Site
Web Sites 101: Those lame excuses for not having a Web site will look even lamer after a visit to FindLaw Office. Then we do a little exploring with our "Field Guide to Web Site Objectives and Opportunities"—everything from brochureware to search engine magnets, e-mail newsletters and Web site supplements. We close with a tutorial on Web hosting services and indexes sites of law office Web sites.
G. Burgess Allison Wear Sunscreen
Make your home page readable in black-and-white print-outs... remember that marketing is a state of mind... and don't believe everything you read on the internet.
Erik J. Heels

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Make Support Staff Part of Your Marketing Team
Client relationship are more precious and precarious than ever. What is your firm doing to make clients feel "invested in"—and loyal to your firm? And what are you doing to invest in client relationships?
Sally J. Schmidt

Only Human: Making the World Safe for Lawyers to Sell: Lessons From the Great War
We all learned together in the early years following the Bates decision. What remains, for those who survived, are some fundamental guidelines for the selling lawyer.
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Turn on the EMO: Your Practice Functions Better With Emotional Intelligence
When emotions flare in your office, respond intelligently. Result: You not only calm the atmosphere; you inspire those who are involved to do better-quality work.
Phil M. Perry