January / February 2000  Volume 26, Number 1
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, January / February 2000 Issue

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Annual Solo & Small Firm Issue

Davids vs. Goliaths
Small firms often despair of competing against the marketing prowess of larger firms. The good news is that creativity and focus are great levelers, and neither asset cost a nickel-just your own intelligence, talent and time.
Burkey Belser

  • Case Study: Morris James' Local Counsel Focus by Burkey Belser
  • Competing Against Size by Patrick J. McKenna
  • Top Web Sites: Be a Goliath on the Web

Toppling the Giants: Can Solo Lawyers Use Technology to Compete With Larger Firms and Win?
Here's the inside story on the favorite gadgets and killer applications that are helping small firms go toe-to-toe with megafirms—and win.
Sandy Ramlet

Develop a "First Mover" Advantage
The key to competitive advantage is to be first to market with exceptional ideas and exceptional service offerings. Can your firm or practice group "think different" and lead the market?
Patrick J. McKenna

New! "Bookmarks" Column
LPM's longstanding book review column gets a facelift and a fresh outlook on resources for thriving law practices.

Editor's Page - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on micropractices.

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Technology Update: World-Class Innovation and Century-Class Headaches
The mixed messages in 1999 gave us a century-class headache. Microsoft is on a Mission From Bill--to kill the word "innovate" and to beat us all senseless with another new operating system. Fortunately, Keep It Simple technology keeps winning--Pam Computing, cheap computers, Internet services that people really use, Web-based applications, and the all-too-sensible Web-hosted intranets and extranets
G. Burgess Allison

nothing.but.net: Free Stuff on the Internet
When considering computers, software and services, just how "free" is "free"? Here's a guide for reading between the letters.
Erik J. Heels

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.
Storm Evans

Targeting Small Businesses? Focus on Reputation and Accessibility
Your good reputation will draw clients—remaining accessible will help you keep them.
Milton W. Zwicker

Marketing: Tiptoe Around the Footsteps of Dinosaurs
Maybe your small practice doesn't need to compete against the Goliaths.
Robert W. Denney

Practice Development Clips
Mutual marketing, undifferentiating taglines and more.
Ross Fishman

Develop a "First Mover" Advantage
The key to competitive advantage is to be first to market with exceptional ideas and exceptional service offerings.
Charles F. Robinson

New Column! On Balance: The Joy of Not Knowing
In this new column focusing on life as a "human-at-law," our guest columnist explains how not knowing can be extraordinarily useful.
Steven Keeva