November/December 1999  Volume 25, Number 8
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, November/December 1999 Issue

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Tech Tools @ Work: How Lawyers Are Using a Few of Their Favorite Things
Today's lawyers are using tech tools to synthesize their practices in new ways. From e-mail, the Internet and customized matter management to multimedia presentations and litigation Web sites, lawyers are putting to use an exciting array of legal technology options every day. Here's a look at some favorite tools a few practitioners are using innovatively. While some of the tools, or their uses, may be new, their end use is a time-honored goal: to practice well and meet clients' needs. These practitioners' stories may just inspire you in your own practice.
Joy M. White

Low-Tech, Low-Cost Document Automation Systems
Work product retrieval has always been the Holy Grail of legal drafting. What's the best way to manage and retrieve documents? Try this three-level approach to finding a workable knowledge managment system.
Norv Brasch

Face Facts: Make the Most of Your Case Chronology
Here are some best practices for building a powerful fact chronology and getting a firm grip on every case you research.
Greg Krehel

The Computer as a Lawyer-Saving Device
Computers form lawyer-saving functions in a nubmer of different senses. Intriguing thoughts on how technnology benefits both the public and the profession.
Daniel B. Evans

Editor's Page - Get Your Kicks...On Route 66!

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Michael Jimmerson's high-tech briefs.

Technology Update: The Annual "Tech Update" Hardware Review
It's the annual hardware review where we lament the need for too much memory, admit to buying Celerons for business, and complain bitterly about getting forced to use Windows 98.
G. Burgess Allison Anatomy of a Web Site Crash
When our columnist's Web site experienced a denial-of-service attack, the resulting devastation might be called the "loop condition from hell."
Erik J. Heels

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Marketing a Litigation Practice
If you’re a litigator or you have litigators in your law firm, you undoubtedly have heard (or voiced) the mantra: "You can’t market litigation." Admittedly, the nature of the practice can make it difficult. But once you understand some basic principles, it is possible to develop a thriving and independent litigation practice.
Sally Schmidt

Practice Development Clips
Your old top clients - where are they now? Plus tips on mailing lists, business cards and Web design.
Ross Fishman