September 2001  Volume 27, Number 6

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50 Tips to Help You Win Client Competitions
Competitions to select outside counsel are heating up again. The big winners in these high-stakes competitions triumph because they understand how the game is played and they play to win.
Ann Lee Gibson

Preparing for Smooth Computer Presentations
Learn foolproof basics from the Law Practice Management Section's new book, Persuasive Computer Presentations: The Essential Guide for Lawyers.
Ann E. Brendan and John D. Goodhue

Small and Midsize Firms: How to Get on the Fortune 500 Radar Screen
Enter the competition! Corporate counsel tell how smaller firms can make their mark on corporate America.
Kelly A. Blazek

Sell Your Sizzle
The initial client consultation is your best opportunity to showcase your superior customer service. Here's advice on how to do it right.
Nader Anise

Editor's Page - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on getting lucky.

Technology in Practice Department

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Practice Development Clips

On Balance

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As I was Saying:
A Legal Web Community?
Lawyers can take collective action and tackle perennial issues online
Wendy R. Leibowitz

Site Building: Know When It's Time to Overhaul
Embrase your site's potential. Redesign with new tools in mind.
Sandy Ramlet CRM—It is Who You Know
Customer relationship management means you make the most of your knowledge about clients.
Rick Klau

Site Watch:

Personal Technology: High-Touch Connections
Electrons can lash us tighter together, personally and professionally.
Stephen J. Harhai

Microsoft Word Gets Smart: Hot Features for Lawyers in XP
Has Word come through with valuable features for the legal community?
Daniel S. Coolidge

E-Definitions: Passport to a Personal Information Grab?
Untangling Microsoft's new deal.
Mark Tamminga

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Building Your Law Firm's Brand
Sally J. Schmidt

Practice Development Clips
Ross Fishman

Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising
Does it seem like your monthly Yellow Pages bill is little more than a donation to the phone company?
Barry Maher

How to Boost Client Relationships With Small Audience Seminars
Ellen Liberman

12 Tips for Making Your Seminars Superior Marketing Machines
Lawrence M. Kohn and Robert N. Kohn

On Balance: Advocacy Does Not Equal Adversarial
Stewart Levine