March 2001  Volume 27, Number 2
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, March 2001 Issue

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Are You Ready? Putting Law Firm Services on the Web: The Legal E-Commerce Trend
The growth of e-commerce can mean major opportunity for law practices. Know the risks of putting legal services online—and deliver the right stuff.
Neil Cameron

  • Moses & Singer: An Ideal Marriage of Practice Group and the Internet
  • Carl Shusterman: A Practice Specific Match-Up—to 117 Countries.
  • Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter: Industry-Relevant Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Applications Online
Does Software Belong On the Web - and Off Your Hard Drive? Getting Up to Speed on Application Service Providers (ASPs).
Andrew Z. Adkins III

Technology: It's A Quality of Life Thing
Now that we've bought into all the technology, is it really making our lives easier or are we just working harder?
Sheryn Bruehl

Brainstorm Your Way to a Winning Case Strategy
A 10-point agenda that will extend your case knowledge base to the max
Greg Krehel

On Balance: The Human Connection
Thanks to technology, efficiency is up—but morale is down. What can we do?
Marcia Pennington Shannon

Editor's Page - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on being open 24-7.

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As I was Saying:
Wiring Up the Home Office
Be it ever so humble, the home office is the happening place nowadays.
Wendy R. Leibowitz

Test Run: Online Depositions
Discover a new route to discovery that's less burdensome and more efficient.
Michael I. Leonard

WordPerfect Web Resources
In need of macros, patches, graphics and other tricks? Log on!
Paul Merrell

Site Building: Free and Easy Add Ons
Help with marketing to the Great Out There is just a hyperlink away.
Sandy Ramlet

Personal Technology: Through the Looking Glass
With a little work, we could create tools that would vastly ease the jury's job.
Stephen J. Harhai The Wonderful World of Online File Storage
Which online storage sites are free, offer immediate registration—and really work?
Rick Klau

E-Definitions: The New Domain Extensions (
Dot-com? So last year. Get ready for and all the new domain extensions.
Mark Tamminga

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Brainstorm Your Way to a Winning Case Strategy: A 10-Point Agenda
Brainstorming in issue-based sessions to develop the hardest-hitting case.
Greg Krehel

On Balance: The Human Connection
Thanks to technology, efficiency is up—but morale is down. What can we do?
Marcia Pennington Shannon

Marketing: The Secrets of Successful Marketers
When you take on a new legal matter, you research, then plan and ultimately persuade (the client and perhaps a third party, judge or jury). Marketing involves the same process.

What are some of the secrets that rainmakers before you have learned?
Robert W. Denney

Practice Development Clips
Good … and cheap. In keeping with this issue’s focus on simple ideas, "Clips" columnist Ross Fishman gives us some of his best basic marketing tips. Best of all, they won’t cost a bundle to implement.
Ross Fishman