January/February 2001  Volume 27, Number 1
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, January/February 2001 Issue

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How To Get Paid
How many times have you said to yourself, "I could retire on the money I have written off!" Or "#%*@! Stiffed again!" It’s no fun to have to go after your hard-earned fees.
Reid F. Trautz and Paul McLaughlin

How to Improve Your Cash Flow
Know your weekly cash flow status? The age of your receivables? Vigilance, and small changes, can keep you in the black.
Edward J. Poll

Plan to Market
The harsh reality is that most marketing plans do nothing more for law firms than lay around gathering dust. Most of these plans are so complicated and elaborate that no one has the time or budget—or interest—to implement them. Still, a well-devised plan can lead to new opportunities for professional fulfillment and increased income. So, what’s the secret to creating a simple, and achievable, marketing plan?
Robert N. Kohn and Lawrence M. Kohn

Networking When You Think You’re Too Busy
Just because you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Here are some practical tips for keeping the marketing ball rolling even when you’re busy.
Stewart M. Hirsch

How to Get Published
Publishing an article that highlights your expertise is a time-honored marketing tool. That’s because it works. The exposure can increase visibility in your specialty or establish you as an expert and help you break into a new market niche. 
Theda C. Snyder

Free Wills on the Web
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a client so grateful she’d take out a thank-you advertisement?
Joy M. White

Doing It All: How to Cope
What keeps hardworking solo and small firm lawyers from drowning under the weight of a busy workload? How can they maintain the pace, efficiency and responsiveness clients demand without the supports that lawyers in larger firms take for granted?
Ellen Blum Barish

Editor's Page - Birth of an Idea.

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Product Watch


Practice Development Clips

Chair's Message - Focusing on Racial Disparity


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As I was Saying:
Plugging In Pro Bono
Why can’t we wire up these cases now? Reaching out and making it easier to take pro bono cases.
Wendy R. Leibowitz

Practice Advisor: Solo Assist: Banding Up
SOLOSEZ, "I need the perfect document!" A tsunami and a lifeline.
Bruce L. Dorner

New at ABA TECHSHOW™! 2001
What has 70 sessions, 11 educational tracks, Cyber Cafés, software shootouts and 125 exhibitors? It can only be ABA TECHSHOW™ 2001.

Site Building: A Blunder-Proof Checklist
Unfortunately, lawyer Web sites are not immune to glaring errors and oversights.
Sandy Ramlet

Research Dig: Federal Dockets on the Net
Remember when it took weeks to obtain federal court documents from out-of-state courts? You either contacted a document retrieval service or waited patiently for the court to send the documents once you’d mailed a check to cover copying expenses. 
Nancy Henry

nothing.but.net: Content Syndication Catches On
Can your site include third-party content and still deliver a unique experience?
Erik J. Heels

E-Definitions: Pegging and Scrubbing In a Firestorm
The world of cookies, and how to opt-out.
Mark Tamminga

Web Site Chart
Links to Records, Rules and Registries

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: The Secrets of Successful Marketers
When you take on a new legal matter, you research, then plan and ultimately persuade (the client and perhaps a third party, judge or jury). Marketing involves the same process.

What are some of the secrets that rainmakers before you have learned?
Robert W. Denney

Practice Development Clips
Good … and cheap. In keeping with this issue’s focus on simple ideas, "Clips" columnist Ross Fishman gives us some of his best basic marketing tips. Best of all, they won’t cost a bundle to implement.
Ross Fishman