November/December 2000  Volume 26, Number 8
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, November/December 2000 Issue

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The Case For Selective Focus: If You're Not Special, You're Dead
Well-focused specialists are winning the marketplace wars. Is it time to change your strategy from "do everything" to "do only what we do best"?
Patrick J. McKenna

Web Site Design Trends
What's up with law firm Web sites? A view from the design trenches.
Burkey Belser and George Kell

  • Web Site Homework

How to Manage the E-mail Deluge—Controlling the Chaos
Is e-mail taking a big chunk out of your life? Learn to prevent problems and get a grip on it.
Joshua Stein

In Frankfurt or the Forbidden City: How to Get Your E-Mail
Is your practice taking you globe-trotting? Here's what you need to connect from around the world (without frying your modem).
David W. Maher

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As I Was Saying: The Techno Cripples
Law school grads are ready for the nineteenth century!
Wendy Leibowitz

Personal Technology: An Ounce of Prevention
A backed-up workstation pounds the heck out of dead computers and lost time.
Stephen J. Harhai

Internet News Tracking Services
The Web site chart focuses on getting your news.
Debra Hindin-King

Site Watch
A new book and site helps lawyers create ethical Web sites. Einstein's Cat
Going wireless with PCSs, PDAs and pagers. Do we really need more Internet access?
Rick Klau

E-Definitions: Ripping, Stitching and Riling the Music Industry
The whole copyright protection regime as applied to the digital.
Mark Tamminga

Site Building: Why Am I Here?
Find your audience for your site and send a targeted message.
Sandy Ramlet

Tech Advisor: The Case for Case Managers
So you think Outlook's good enough to run your law practice? Think again.
Ross L. Kodner

Research Dig: The Skill of the Hunt
Tips on researching thorough, relevant sources instead of quick, cheap answers.
Genie Tyburski

Cool Tools: Doing the Backflip
A Palm add-on that keeps you talking.
Michael Tamburo

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Better Marketing, One Container at a Time
How can a law firm capture and share its intellectual capital and turn it into marketing strategy?
Sally J. Schmidt

Practice Development Clips
Cubed logos, engagement letters and loveable lawyers.
Ross Fishman

Flying Solo in the New Economy: Manning the Outpost Office
Hungry for a change of scene, a solo lawyer takes a walk on the wild side to refresh, renew—and prove you can practice nearly anywhere.
Todd D. Maddocks