October 2000  Volume 26, Number 7
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, October 2000 Issue

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Getting Wise
Are lawyers losing sight of what matters most? Law Practice Management asked Steven Taylor to explore the concept of wisdom—what it is and how to get it—for practicing lawyers.
Steven Taylor

  • Influences. Readers write about their mentors.

Star Search: Winning in the High-Stakes Game of Recruitment and Retention
Can small and midsize firms compete for talent? In Law Practice Management's second roundtable, we asked top legal search consultants for their shoot-from-the-hip feedback.
Joy M. White

  • Crafting a Strategy to Recruit the Best Talent by Robert A. Major, Jr.
  • How to Work with a Search Consultant by Joseph E. Ankus

Battling Burnout
Work smarter. Go faster. Is stress sabotaging your practice? Signs that it's happening and strategies to stop it.
Philip M. Perry

Practicing Wisely
What is wisdom? Can it be learned? How can lawyers harness wisdom to re-energize the practice of law?
Daniel B. Evans

NEW COLUMN: First Person: The Making of a Good Lawyer
What's on your mind? Here's a new space for rants, raves and real personal opinions. This issue, Edward D. Shapiro on the making of a good lawyer.

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As I Was Saying: The Anti-Revolution
Up with paper! Down with techno-snobs! The first installment of this new column shares a gripe about our high court's use of PDF.
Wendy Leibowitz

Personal Technology: There Has to Be a Better Way
A new column focused on the hands-on tools that can help every lawyer do a better job at analysis and communication tasks.
Stephen J. Harhai

Site Watch
A personal growth oasis for lawyers.

nothing.but.net: Unplug Your Ears
Web sites that are not interactive are not conversations.
Erik J. Heels

E-Definitions: Know Your ASPs from Your VBSs?
Buying software is soooo 1990's and other digital details you simply must know.
Mark Tamminga

Site Building: Get Started—Free Home Pages
Read to make tracks in cyberspace? This new column will help you create a useful site for your law practice.
Sandy Ramlet

Tech Advisor: The Case for Case Managers
So you think Outlook's good enough to run your law practice? Think again.
Ross L. Kodner

Research Dig: Searching for the Bull's Eye
In this new column, top law firm information managers and librarians advise on electronic resources and techniques. This time? Search strategies.
Michelle Schmidt

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Marketing Made Easy—Because It Is
Successful rainmakers aren't always natural marketers. They realize that marketing isn't rocket science and follow steps that make it easy.
Robert W. Denney

Practice Development Clips
Plain English, handy bookmarks and law girls (yes, law girls).
Ross Fishman

On Balance:
Everyday Mentoring
How can we tinker with existing mentoring programs to increase their relevance in everyday practice?
George Kaufman