May / June 2000  Volume 26, Number 4
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, May / June 2000 Issue

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Practice Management Issue


Brave New World of Practice Leadership
Three practice leaders offer their candid philosophies about successfully leading and working in groups: Miller Canfield's Robert Gilbert, Deborah Koeffler of Mitchell Silberberg and Knupp, and Olive CEO John Harris.
Patrick J. McKenna

Valuing Managers: Does Your Reward System Send the Right Message to Practice Group Leaders?
For all the time firms spend fretting about partner compensation, little thought is given to a system that effectively rates and compensates those who devote substantial time to management. What do you owe your partner-managers?
H. Edward Wesemann

Taking It to the Next Level: Redefining Technology and Revolutionizing Services
True technology integration means moving far beyond bits and bytes toward people and processes. How do we get to the next level? 
John Hollanen

Editor's Page - One Wild Ride

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Buzz - High-tech Briefs
J. Michael Jimmerson Using Directories to Publicize Your Site
Your firm Web site will do better if it is promoted, right? Do submission services claiming to do just that really do the job? How do they measure up against one another?
Erik J. Heels

Taking It to the Next Level: Redefining Technology and Revolutionizing Services
A litany of questions now confronts lawyers who seek to increase the return on their technology investments. how do we get to the next level?
John Hokkanen

ABA TECHSHOW™ Special: Tamminga's Top Five Web Site Picks
One of the most popular events at the ABA TECHSHOW™ is “60 Sites in 60 Minutes,” a rapid-fire session devoted to the best, or most unusual, sites in the galaxy. Mark Tamminga, one of the presenters, shares five of his favorite sites from this year’s show.

For details on the 2000 conference and info on next year's TECHSHOW, go to
Mark Tamminga

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Choosing Sides
Should you form strategic alliances with other providers of products and services? Which ones, and what type of alliance should you form?
Sally J. Schmidt

Practice Development Clips
Worthy causes, name recognition on campus and brochures with more bang.
Ross Fishman

Become an Industrial Athlete: Ergonomic Don's Guide to Preventing Office Injuries
As an "industrial athlete," you need to prepare your body for work.
Donald A. Dennis

Arranging Your Success: The Ancient Art of Feng Shui
Companies like British Airways are practicing feng shui—why not law firms?
Mary Nondé

Altered States: The Firm Retreat That Moved Use Forward
A firm's lawyers bridge their difference, away from their desks, along the black waters of the Wye River.
Harry W. Lerch