July / August 2002  Volume 28, Number 5
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, July/August 2002 Issue

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Take It to the Next Level
It's called innovating. Our clients do it. Our culture worships it. Our future hinges on it. How can we make it easier in law firms?
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Survey: Innovation in Law Firms
What's the biggest barrier to good ideas in law firms? Wher do goo dideas come from? Read the results.

How to Drive Strategic Innovation
It has everything to do with organization and attitude. Marginal improvement isn't enough. Here are 10 initiatives to help you create new value for your firm.
Patrick J. McKenna

New Column: Rip It! The Power of Upside-Down Thinking
In this first installment of our new column on ideas to save, share and use, you'll learn some of the tricks used by creativity professionals to get ideas flowing.
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton


Editor's Page  - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on busting out of that old pattern.

On Balance  - George Kaufman on the "why" of law practice.

Chair's Message  - Bill Gibson on lessons learned.




A Blog in Every Law Firm?
There's great potential in this nifty new kind of Web site.
Rick Klau

Personal Technology: Do You See What I See?
Mindmapping tools can clarify complex concepts.
Stephen J. Harhai

Site Watch: Ninth House Funhouse
Interactive tools to help you explore fresh ways to think about work.

E-Definitions: From the DOS Dog Days to E-Filing
How technology paved the way for a radical shift in case filing.
Mark Tamminga

Site Chart: ABA TECHSHOW® "60 Sites" Quick Picks
For the worthwhile to the wierd.

Research Dig: Caring for Your New Lawyers
Help new hires learn what they need to know.
Ricki Andersen

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Creativity in Marketing Breeds Success
To stand out from the crowd, you must get the word out in ever-more innovative ways.
Robert W. Denny

Practice Development Clips
A mold-breaking ad, cross-selling and a square that's hip.
Larry Bodine

Pros and Cons of Partnership Compensation Systems: Which One is Right for You?
Before overhauling your firm's compesation program, carefully consider the strengths and weaknesses of these seven systems.
Michael J. Anderson

On Balance: Reclaiming the "Why" of Law Practice
What might happen if we recaptured the qualities that first attracted us to the law?
George W. Kaufman