March 2002  Volume 28, Number 2
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, March 2002 Issue

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The Privacy Agenda
Private I vs Public You.. Privacy emerges as a plum target for new business -- and a critical component of the practice management agenda.
Simon Chester

Hidden Dangers: ASPs and Ethics
Does your application service provider pose hidden risks to confidentiality, conflicts and diligence obligations?
David Hricik and Peter Krakaur

How to Protect Client Confidences in a Shared Office Suite
Confidentiality issues arise from the very convinience of a shared office. Put safeguards in place to make sure you aren't sharing more than you should.
Wells Anderson and Joseph M. Hartley

Editor's Page - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on the privacy debate.

Practice Development Clips  - Larry Bodine's column debut.

Chair's Message - Bill Gibson on ABA TECHSHOW®



As I Was Saying:
Open Secrets
We expect the right to guard our secrets. But we also don't mind giving them away.
Wendy R. Leibowitz

Watchdog Utilities
Dealing with spyware, information leaks and pop-up ads.
Daniel S. Coolidge Spyware: Call Out the Guards
Spyware can pose a threat to your data. Learn how to avoid the snoopers.
Rick Klau How to Montior E-Mail
Monitoring workplace e-mail is increasingly important. Know how it works.
Erik J. Heels Feature: 13 Years of Techno-Goofs and Lessons Learned
Sometimes small and midsize firms think they're saving money when they're wasting it.
Carol L. Schlein

E-Definitions: Messaging Phenomena: Lawless Days Ahead?
The scoop on the Internet relay chat, viral marketing, ICQ and instant messaging.
Mark Tamminga

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Building Client Relationships in an Age of Change
Learn to overcome the obstacles to strong relationships.
Sally J. Schmidt

Practice Development Clips
Larry Bodine

Why Implement Knowledge Management? Justifying the Investement
Here are four chief justifications for diving into knowledge initiatives.
John Hokkanen

On Balance: Wake Up, Choose, Change
Guiding principles that will help you meet your opportunities.
Stewart Levine