March 2000  Volume 26, Number 2
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, March 2000 Issue

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Annual TECHSHOW™ Issue

E-Volve! It Will All Be E-Practice Soon
Has e-practice hit your radar screen yet?
John C. Tredennick, Jr.

E-Bill It (and Get Paid Faster)
How fast do you want to get paid? How about within 72 hours of sending your bill? E-billing lets it happen just that fast.
Theda C. Snyder

E-What? E-Billing Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to common questions about electronic billing—from terminology to formatting and service options to how clients audit and analyze your bills.
James A. Eidelman

Site Plan: 12 Steps to Promoting Your Web Site
Here's a guide to creating a strategic plan that will help connect you with your target audience.
Dennis M. Kennedy

The E-Files Update: E-Filing in the Courts
Here's an update on electronic filing in the court system.
Michael R. Arkfeld

Editor's Page - Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on E-volution.

Technology in Practice Department

Product Watch


Practice Development CLIPS

On Balance

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Your Section  - Attention High Tech Shoppers

Best Practices  - Mark Hellman, Counseling in the Economy



Technology Update: Prospering in the Vision-Curmudgeon Demilitarized Zone
In this issue, we'll try to mix visionary and curmudgeon in the Last "Tech Update" Field Guide You'll Ever Need—covering fundamental IT responsibilities, basic IT strategies, and 10 simple rules for not so simple times.
G. Burgess Allison

Windows 2000: Features in a Nutshell
Here's a quick look at the new features in Windows 2000.
J. Michael Jimmerson Testing Your Web Site Inside and Out
Is your Web site current? Here’s a guide to the latest resources for updating and improving your site, from the inside and outside.
Erik J. Heels

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Niche Marketing: Repackaging Your Expertise
Your firm’s survival just may hinge on your ability to identify, pursue and capitalize on niches.
Sally J. Schmidt

Practice Development Clips
A lovable bulldog, a Web site for everyone, and more.
Ross Fishman

Use the Web to Check Out Those Applicants
A background check can help you avoid bringing a problem employee onto your team. But be careful: Background investigations entail risks of their own.
Phillip M. Perry

On Balance: Charting a Course for Satisfaction and Success in the Legal Profession
Satisfied, successful lawyers share a number of characteristics. Which areas have you already developed? Which need developing and honing?
Marcia Pennington Shannon

Seizing a Meteor: Report from the ABA Seize the Future Conference
Will lawyers have more fun than they ever dreamed possible rewriting the rules of the new economy? A conference for futurists focuses on change—and revolution.
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton