April 1999  Volume 25, Number 3
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, April 1999 Issue

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Make More Money!
Our annual finance and billing issue brings timely tips on setting fees, client complaints and building a referral network.

Ten Action Steps for More Profitable, Productive Practices
Whether you practice in a firm of hundreds (or thousands) of lawyers or alone, fundamental principles can help assure your success.
Ward Bower

Seven Timeless Truths about Legal Fees
How do you charge for services? The angles are many and complex. Here's help in addressing them all.
Milton W. Zwicker

Clients' Common Complaints About Legal Billing Practices
Here's one in-house counsel's advice on how to avoid writing invoices that raise red flags with clients.
Theda Snyder

How to Succeed at Collecting Fees and Keeping Good Clients
You have to discuss money with clients if you want to be paid. Here are some tips to help you cover all the basics.
Robert H. Feldman

Build Your Practice By Nurturing Your Clients And Referral Sources
Instead of panicking about your next piece of business, look around and discover a network of client referral sources already in place.
Mark Powers

Editor's Page - John C. Tredennick Jr. on Silly Billing Rules.

Technology in Practice Department

Product Watch


Chair's Message

Resources & Reviews - Three Books Help You Get a Grip on Costs and Fees

Best Practices Profile

The Skillful Lawyer - Be Bold, Be Independent...But Don't Pull Surprises



Michael Jimmerson's high-tech briefs.

Technology Update: Portalpalooza: The Internet Is Fun Again
New defense strategies take front stage in the Microsoft antitrust trial, portalmania takes over the most popular Internet Web sites, we have some fun looking at the new legal portals and cry havoc and let slip the gretting cards of war in "Parting Shots."
G. Burgess Allison

nothing.but.net: What's New with Bill and Bill
Our Net watcher perceives parallels in what's been happening to the most famous denizens of D.C. and Redmond. (But aren't we really more concerned about Y2K?)
Erik J. Heels

Probing the Mists: A day in the Life of a PIMed Lawyer
All calls returned. All billable time recorded. Matters resolved, crises taken in stride. A typical day? Personal information management software can help you get there.
David J. Bilinsky

Product Watch
The latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.
Storm Evans

Marketing: Don't Try to Sell - Help Your Prospect Buy
Want to improve the odds of closing the deal with a prospective client? Take the client's point of view and base your proposals on the prospect's needs and wants.
Robert W. Denney

Mega Challenges for Mid-Size Firms: Balancing Salaries and Services
In the face of rising associate salaries and the resulting strain on the budget, how can mid-size firms hold on to valuable people and keep the firm profitable?
Joel S. Feldman

Keeping Score: The Truth About Money
If the conversation around your firm's compensation table seems out of touch with reality .. take a few steps back and consider what the talk is really about.
Merrilyn Astin Tarlton