October 23, 2012

Law Practice Magazine - March/April 2011




Tablet Users Face Off: iPad versus Slate Shootout

With so many tablets now on the market and even more scheduled for release, it can be hard for lawyers to figure out which device is best for their purposes. In this showdown, we pair Tom Mighell, for the iPad, against Nerino Petro, for the Android and similar tablets. Together they describe the basic features of these new tools, to help you better decide which one to use in your practice.
By Tom Mighell and Nerino Petro

10 Tips for Getting Started with Open Source Software

The drive to tighten technology budgets has led to an increasing interest in open source software. If you're considering it in your firm, here's advice on how to make the transition a happy one.
By Dennis Kennedy and Gwynne Monahan

Google Apps: Hot Tips for Putting Google Tools to Work in Your Practice

On their own, Google Apps are a fantastic set of collaboration tools. But using some little-known features and add-ons can turbo-charge the productivity of any size law practice. Here's a sampling of some favorites.
By Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch 

The Wonders of Windows 7: Is It Time to Upgrade?

Why bother with an upgrade? There are a number of reasons, but in a nutshell, Windows 7 is a far better operating system than XP. First, though, there are some decisions, and possibly costs, involved in making the switch.
By Catherine Sanders Reach and Jim Calloway

Six Things to Do with Microsoft OneNote 

OneNote is now included in the box with all versions of Microsoft Office 2010. Here's a snapshot of top things it can do for lawyers. 
By Ben M. Schorr

Harnessing the Power of Mind Mapping

For lawyers, mind mapping software offers true productivity enhancements. Read how one lawyer has put the power of visualization to work in his practice.
By Richard J. Serpe

Flying Safely in the Cloud

Some have been hesitant to fully embrace cloud computing, owing to ethical responsibilities concerning client confidentiality. But as technology continues to tromp forward, the fundamental question becomes: How can a lawyer's time-honored duty of confidentiality be applied to the cloud?
By Brett Burney



Product News


STOP, THIEF! How to Safeguard Against-and Respond to-the Loss of a Laptop

A data breach resulting from the theft or loss of a lawyer's laptop can bring on a storm of trouble. Know your obligations-and what steps to take if a laptop goes missing.
By Stephen Stine


Essential Dos and Don'ts for Twitter Users

This nifty social media tool can be a great way to stay connected with all sorts of people—but there are some rules to follow.
By Dan Pinnington


How Smartphones Threaten Business Security: Coming to Grips with the Facts

Smartphone users are exposing their eimployers to major security threats—-faster than anyone imagined. Here are things you and your firm should know.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek



Supervising Your Team Electronically: E-mail Dos and Don'ts

Just as well-prepared e-mails can be invaluable management tools, poorly written ones can create serious issues.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon


Staying on Track

Tips for getting attuned to the firm's political climate.
By Wendy Werner


Thinking About Social Media in Your Firm

Like it or not, you can't ignore social media. You can, however, take steps to understand how these tools can be used to support your lawyers, your clients, your firm and its strategic ambitions.
By Simon Chester