Increasing Business Development IQ for the IP Lawyer

Vol. 5 No. 1


Hale Chan specializes in professional services marketing. He can be reached at Mr. Chan would like to express his appreciation to the following individuals for their suggestions and assistance in the development of this article: Betsi Roach, Laurie Robinson, Roger Martin, and Dorothy Hughes.

Civil Procedure, Contracts, Intellectual Property: Patents, Intellectual Property: Copyright, Intellectual Property: Business Development—which of these was not offered at your law school? Chances are that business development courses were not offered as part of your law school curriculum. Yet business development is vital in the practical life of a lawyer working at a law firm—regardless of size. Some do it well; but many struggle with this part of being a lawyer.

What follows is some guidance in effective business development. Respected and successful lawyers from small and large firms explain what works for them and what doesn’t. Legal marketing professionals offer insight on what they advise attorneys when prospecting for new clients. And finally, in-house counsel from major corporations, decisionmakers for selecting outside intellectual property (IP) lawyers, share their valuable thoughts on how they select new outside counsel with whom to work: what’s effective in getting their attention and just as importantly, what’s not.


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