Forensic Sciences: Judges As Gatekeepers

Education in Forensic Sciences: Tools for Judges as Gatekeepers


Education in Forensic Sciences: Tools for Judges as Gatekeepers

This issue offers articles by scientific experts providing knowledge to judges and lawyers. The authors are fulfilling their roles as experts and educators by offering us tools to help us fulfill ours.

Paulette Brown is the first woman of color to assume the ABA presidency. "I have to be the very best that I can be to set an example for those younger than I so that they will understand the possibilities," she declares. "I challenge up-and-coming attorneys to do the same."

The ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services has generated much discussion about ways to address the huge market of unmet legal needs. This column explores some technology possibilities for consideration by the Commission.

Judges are impartial arbiters of fact, relying on presentations in court for their education about facts to be proven. At what point is science best presented in court through experts and not directly to judges through professional education?


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