October 23, 2012

IRR News Report

Winter 2005

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Here’s your chance to join the dialogue about the significant legal issues affecting the individual rights arena. This forum presents an opportunity for Section members to contribute their views on current issues in civil rights, civil liberties, and human rights law and policy, including any action you think the Section should take on such issues. We ask for your thoughts on how the Section and the profession can improve lawyer involvement in promoting the protection and advancement of civil rights, civil liberties, or human rights.

Mail, fax (202/662-1032), or e-mail Paula Shapiro, editor of the IRR News Report, at Paula.Shapiro@americanbar.org, your response to this question. We also encourage you to send in your own questions or comments that you would like your fellow Section members to consider and address. The Section reserves the right of editorial discretion.

This Issue’s Question

In the 2004 elections, voters placed a somewhat surprising degree of emphasis on "values" in casting their votes. Current public policy debates about abstinence-only education for students and needle exchange programs for injection drug users echo concerns about "moral messages" in government policies and programs, often irrespective of the scientific merits of such measures.
What's your take on the proper role of values and religious faith in public policy debate, formulation, and interpretation?