October 23, 2012

IRR News Report

Summer 2004

Leadership Profile: Kristen M. Galles

Kristen M. Galles, Co-chair of the Committee on the Rights of Women, is a longtime member of the Section, and has always been passionate about civil rights and other Section issues. She became involved in Section leadership after encouragement from former Section Director Penny Wakefield. After attending Section council meetings, Kristen quickly learned the importance of the Section, which, she says, "really is dedicated to preserving and promoting what we all think is best about our nation…equal rights and equal opportunity."

Kristen holds a B.A. in Economics and Spanish from Creighton University and a J.D. from Washington University School of Law (St. Louis, Mo.). After work as an associate on a Nebraska Title IX case in 1996, Kristen started her own Title IX litigation practice in Alexandria, Va. She now represents athletes who sue for Title IX violations as well as coaches and teachers who have been fired in retaliation for speaking out about discrimination. She previously was an Adjunct Professor of Law at George Washington University, held various positions with Gay and Lesbian Attorneys of Washington, and worked for former Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska.

Kristen is especially interested in the Women's Rights Committee's work in ensuring equal opportunity in education and employment, and in preserving Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. She plans to develop a project for the Committee that will educate lawyers on how to do Title IX work, and coordinate the efforts of the lawyers who currently practice in this area. She also would like the Committee to focus on monitoring legislative and regulatory proposals to advance women's rights and to prevent the erosion of those rights. Kristen says she believes it is important for the ABA to speak out on the important issues addressed by the Section, because, "the ABA has the clout to influence debate on these issues and should do so."

For more information about women's rights or the work of the Committee on the Rights of Women, please contact Kristen at kgalles@comcast.net.