October 23, 2012

IRR News Report

Summer 2003

Leadership Profile: Susan Berke Fogel

Susan Berke Fogel, vice chair of the Health Rights and Bioethics Committee, has worked for years on a range of health issues, focusing primarily on women's health and reproductive health and rights. When approached last summer to contribute her experience and expertise as a new member of the committee leadership, she readily accepted.
Susan's greatest fulfillment as a lawyer comes from volunteer social justice activities. A graduate of Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, she worked at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, specializing in foster care, health access for the indigent, and children's health. Now in private practice, she works with nonprofit organizations, labor unions, and foundations on issues of health law, advocacy, and policy.
For seven years, Susan was the legal director for the California Women's Law Center, a statewide advocacy and policy nonprofit organization that works to protect, advance, and secure the comprehensive civil rights of women and girls. A co-founder and co-convenor of the National Advisory Board on Religious Restrictions on Access to Healthcare and chair of the Board of the California Women and Children's Health Coalition, she also serves on the boards and steering committees for several other organizations.
Susan takes pride in the Health Rights Committee's work because, she says, it emphasizes the empowerment of individuals to take control of their healthcare options and focuses on removing obstacles to full access to health rights. This year, the Committee is working to address the barriers to health access posed by religious restrictions in healthcare delivery and on preserving the ability of low-income people to enforce their rights in court to government sponsored healthcare services.
For more information on the work of the Health Rights and Bioethics Committee, contact Susan at sbfogel@pacbell.net.