October 23, 2012

IRR News Report

Spring 2006

Title IX Teleconference and Judicial Program

On Thursday, Apr. 27, the Section will sponsor a CLE teleconference entitled “Title VII vs. Title IX: The Differences and Why they Matter to Your Discrimination Case.” The program will offer practical advice for lawyers interested in employment discrimination, education law, and gender equality issues. Included will be discussion of the differences between Title IX and Title VII in regard to the liability standards and guidelines as to when a case should be filed under Title IX rather than Title VII.

Panelists will include moderator Kristen Galles, Title IX Practitioner; Leslie Annexstein, Former Director, American Association of University Women Advocacy Fund; Dan Siegel, Siegel & Yee; and Verna Williams, Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati College of Law. Additional information regarding the conference and online registration can be found at www.abanet.org/cle/programs/t06tvt1.html.

On Thursday, Mar. 30, the Section joined with the Judicial Division, the Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, and the Criminal Justice Section in co-sponsoring the program, “Defining the Judge: How the Media, Elected Officials and the Public Perceive Judges and the Judiciary.” This program examined the public’s often misconceived perceptions of the judiciary and judges, how judges understand and define their role and their ethical obligations, and explored how questions and criticism of the judiciary can be raised without jeopardizing the judicial system.

Panelists included Chief Judge Deanell Tacha, U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit; Tony Mauro, Supreme Court Correspondent for Legal Times and American Lawyer Media; and former Section Chair Mark Agrast, Sr. Fellow at the Center for American Progress. John Seigenthaler, Founder, The First Amendment Center, served as moderator.

The program was held at the Freedom Forum in Arlington, Va. Established in 1991, the Freedom Forum is a non-profit dedicated to free press, free speech, and free spirit for all people. The Freedom Forum funds the Newseum, an interactive museum of news located in Washington, D.C. It also funds the First Amendment Center, which seeks to preserve the First Amendment through education and information, and the Diversity Institute, which is dedicated to increasing diversity in the newsroom. Both of these programs are run through the John Seigenthaler Center at Vanderbilt University.