October 23, 2012

IRR News Report

Fall 2003

Leadership Profile: Susan Ann Silverstein

Elder Rights Committee Vice Chair Susan Ann Silverstein developed an interest in the Section when she joined the litigation department of the AARP Foundation, where her work became nationally, rather than locally, focused. Prior to joining the AARP professional staff, Susan had worked as a legal services and civil rights attorney in rural and urban communities and for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as part of a Community Builder Fellowship sponsored by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Upon joining the Section, she found that the Section's activities encompassed all of the issues that she has worked on for over 23 years and also offered her a place where she could enjoy a "dialectical relationship of learning and supporting."

Susan holds a B. S. degree in Humanities from MIT and a J.D. from Columbia University School of Law. In addition to serving as an IRR Section leaders she is vice chair of the Civil Rights Section of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) and is working to establish an Elder Housing work group of the Housing Justice Network sponsored by the National Housing Law Project.

Susan is especially excited about her current work on the Spring 2004 issue of the Section's Human Rights magazine, which will focus on elder rights issues. Articles will examine, among other topics affecting the elderly, recent legislative and judicial attempts to restrict the rights of older people. Susan believes that this issue is timely because of the growing "need to ensure the support for the rights of older people in earning income, living independently, and receiving health care."

For more information about elder rights issues or the work of the Elder Rights Committee, please contact Susan at ssilverstein@aarp.org.