IRR News Report

Section Begins '03-'04 Funding Appeal

The Section has launched its annual appeal for support of Section activities and invites all members and friends to make tax-deductible contributions through the ABA Fund for Justice and Education (FJE). Section supporters can contribute through two FJE funds. Contributions to the IRR Support Fund are available for new or ongoing Section initiatives. Gifts to the Thurgood Marshall Individual Rights Fund help build the Section's long-term endowment fund.
This year's fundraising goal is $25,000. Last year the Section exceeded its overall goal in part due to a contribution from the Neukom Family Fund of $5,000 per year for five years to the Section's IRR Support Fund. Bill Neukom served on the Section Council from 1987 to 1992. For more information about how to contribute, please visit the Fund for Justice and Education home page at

The Section Thanks the Following Individuals for Their Contributions to the Section's Funds as of '02-'03:

Mark D. Agrast
T. Alexander Aleinikoff
Katherine Bamberger
Marvin E. Barkin
Carole K. Bellows
Robert A. Bertsche
Jeffrey L. Bleich
Erin Boggs
Brooksley E. Born
Martha Born
Barrett L. Brick
David R. Brink
Hon. Richard Brown
Gloria J. Browne-Marshall
Margaret A. Burnham
Scott Burris
Julius L. Chambers
Diane T. Chin
James E. Coleman, Jr.
Kevin J. Cooper
John J. Curtin, Jr.
S. Carran Daughtrey
Richard K. Donahue
Robert F. Drinan
J. David Ellwanger
Julia L. Ernst
Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer
Susan B. Fogel
Alexander D. Forger
C. Elisia Frazier
Eric M. Freedman
Victor Futter
Kristen M. Galles
Julie Goldscheid
Michael S. Greco
Marcia D. Greenberger
I. Michael Greenberger
Roy A. Hammer
Stephen F. Hanlon
Mark I. Harrison
Christopher J. Herrling
Susan Herro
Bruce E. Hopson
James S. Hostetler
Zona F. Hostetler
Philip Houle
Paul M. Igasaki
Hon. Earl Johnson, Jr.
Courtney G. Joslin
Robert E. Juceam
Joshua J. Kanassatega
Joan F. Kessler
Dorean M. Koenig
Philip A. Lacovara
Peter F. Langrock
Jodi B. Levine
Harlan A. Loeb
Robert MacCrate
Elisa C. Massimino
William A. McClain
Patrick McGlone
Abner J. Mikva
Muriel S. Morisey
William H. Neukom
John H. Pickering
John D. Podesta
Lonnie A. Powers
Llewelyn G. Pritchard
Kathi J. Pugh
Hon. Cruz Reynoso
Lauren Rikleen
Lourdes A. Rivera
William L. Robinson
Estelle H. Rogers
Paul C. Saunders
Robyn S. Shapiro
Daniel L. Skoler
Virginia E. Sloan
Chesterfield H. Smith
Gigi B. Sohn
Robert E. Stein
Max D. Stern
James F. Stiven
Janet R. Studley
Paul A. Sturgul
Barry & Winnifred Sullivan
Ronald J. Tabak
Marna S. Tucker
John K. Uilkema
Georgina C. Verdugo
Penny Wakefield
Scott Wallace
Steven T. Walther
Stephen Watson
Hon. Rebecca J. Westerfield
Walter H. White, Jr.
Claudia A. Withers
Diane C. Yu