Fall 2012

Data Privacy Protection: A Serious Business for Companies

Cover Story

Data Privacy Protection: A Serious Business for Companies

Data privacy breaches are making headlines and much has been written lately about them—for all the wrong reasons.

The cultural emphasis on privacy is one that permeates every level of Saudi Arabian society.

Commercial litigation is becoming increasingly transnational and complex, making document production ever more burdensome and voluminous.

After a historical trial that lasted five months and ended in May 2012, the Philippine Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, ousted Renato C. Corona from his post as chief justice of the Philippine Supreme Court.

The city of Lagos . . . hustling and bustling, yet delightfully exotic . . . is the largest, most industrialized metropolis in Nigeria and foremost on the list of the fastest-growing municipalities in the world!

We as a profession must make sure that this generation of new lawyers and students does not become a “lost” one, to paraphrase Hemingway.

This year, member participants visited the Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language to talk about the importance of being able to speak and work in at least two languages, the importance of international law, and the professional opportunities that are available in international law.

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