Additional Resources

Campaigns, Coverage, and the Internet
Podcast from South by Southwest 2012, exploring the use of social media during the 2012 election cycle.

Conventional Wisdom: A History of American Political Conventions Podcast and primary documents as Backstory with the American History Guys discuss political conventions in U.S. history.

Elections as a Distinct Sphere Under the First Amendment
Richard Pildes argues that elections should be considered a distinct sphere of political activity for constitutional purposes, and discusses how this relates to laws about campaign finance and the First Amendment.

First American Party System
Lesson from EDSitement that incorporates primary sources looks at the formation of the Federalist and Democrat-Republican parties to discuss political party opposition within a democracy.

Living Room Candidate
Almost every televised Presidential campaign ad since 1952, complete with teaching ideas, and the ability to create your own video.

Radio Election
Historic Northampton’s exhibit explores Calvin Coolidge’s use of the radio during the 1924 election, the first presidential candidate to do so. Listen to “Silent Cal!”

Social Media and Advertising in the 2012 Election
Lesson plan from PBS Newshour that looks at political candidates’ use of social media during the 2012 elections.

What if Jefferson and Adams Ran Attack Ads?
Patrick Spero and his students at Williams College are approaching historic political campaigns in entirely futuristic ways.




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