April 2017

The Lawyer’s Guide to Profitable Virtual Presentations, Part 3


The Lawyer’s Guide to Profitable Virtual Presentations, Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this series addressed the challenges of finding topics and an audience for virtual presentation, and then engaging these viewers/listeners to refer or become clients. Part 3 examines how to structure engaging presentations.

Whether you are in the beginning of your journey or have a deeply ingrained practice of mindfulness, life is going to throw you curveballs and you will have times when your commitment to mindfulness is challenged.

This article is the third of four installments exploring ways to keep the spark of enthusiasm alive in your law practice. This installment focuses on how to start implementing the changes you know must be made to your practice.

This article focuses exclusively on Pillar II of the Four Pillars of Marketing and will discuss how to implement sales best practices to grow your firm.

Technology news and tips to help you become more efficient and effective. In this month’s column: tips to help you stay in control of your e-mail and work with it to make yourself more efficient.

Test piloting software and products for the solo and small firm practice. In this month’s column: A review of “The 12 Week Year.”

Lawyers need to be cognizant of how technological trends are changing the way law firms are run. Firms that do not keep up will set themselves up for failure.

What are the legal consequences a taxpayer should consider when deciding whether to comply with the basic requirements of the federal income tax laws?

In the land of litigation against guarantors, nice guys finish last.

Lawyers’ interviews with former employees are fully discoverable under a new bright-line ruling.


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